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Tips for Creating a High Performing Startup Office

When you have got limited cash, it can sometimes be tempting to put all of your money into advertising and equipment and forget all about the office. Although it might not seem important how you furnish your office, it can prove to be pivotal, especially if your productivity or the way that your customers perceive you is affected. A great office isn’t just about aesthetics. Just randomly grabbing pieces of furniture from second-hand stores and dumping them in a room isn’t going to cut it, and it could put you at a significant disadvantage against your competitors. Because of the fact that your workers will spend the majority of their time in the office, office design is actually of great importance. So how can you create a professional office? Great Use Of Space   The first step is to work out where everybody should sit. The days where everybody is lined up in rows are long gone. Modern office environments aren’t so focused on hierarchy: they are more interested in facilitating different workspaces for different activities. This means that modern offices tend to have lots of large spaces where teams of employees can collaborate. It’s a good idea, therefore, to think about how space will be used in your business when lots of people will need to work together in close-knit groups. Internet Speed You also need to consider the speed of your Internet connection. You may have to upgrade the existing network in your building using a company like Complete Connect Ltd.  Fast Internet connections are essential for new startups because of the fact that they are so reliant on people working from home. The next thing to think about is whether visitors will actually want to come to your office. Too many startups decide that the best option is to use as cheap an office as possible. But all that tends to happen is that they end up in an office that looks like a janitor’s closet, and it is embarrassing when they have clients over to visit. Ideally, visitors should not be overwhelmed with chaos and clutter as they walk through your building. Instead, they should see people busy at work and get a glimpse into what daily life at the company is actually like. Ergonomics Ergonomics used to be seen as something trendy and very European. But over time it has gained a lot of respect. Essentially what the term means is arranging furniture and designing spaces that actually fit the natural movements of the human body. Ergonomics is great for preventing your team from developing common problems like back pain and repetitive strain injuries. Noise Noise might also be a problem in your office, especially if you are setting up in the middle of a busy city. One way to cut down on noise is to make sure that your office is triple-glazed. Another thing you can do is to put shields over computer printers that muffle the sound. According to estimates, covering a printer can cut printer noise by 90 percent.  ]]>

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