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What Recruitment Advice Would you Give Your Younger Self

I read CV’s, telephone and interview candidates throughout most of my week and there’s a common theme that comes up when questioning gaps of employment, jumpy moves or weird role changes. I’ve found that these can be explained through three main reasons:

  • Poor health/bereavement of family members.
  • Unable to find suitable work after a contract finished or redundancy.
  • I took a risky move and it backfired.
The third reason really intrigues me as I’ve done that in the past so I can relate, once it backfired but the time before I ended up creating a national company that turned over £3mil in 5 years.

So my question to you the reader is, what recruitment advice would you give a younger you?

I’m hoping through positive messages, job seekers who are connections can gain some insight now and make the changes others wished they had. I’ll tell you mine.
I wished I hadn’t always said yes in an interview in my early to mid 20s. I had a lot to give employers and I never really sought out that perfect fit. Instead I took the first offer from my first interview after my golf career finished.
But it all worked out good in the end! ]]>

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