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When Stay at home Parents, want to Work for Themselves

Do you find yourself dreading the alarm ringing on a Monday morning? Perhaps you begrudge working late some nights when you would rather be doing something else. Working in a career that you are not passionate about or completely satisfied with can be all consuming, especially when you feel like you have no choice but to work each day to earn a living. However, a lot of people have an ambition or a dream to work for themselves at some point in their lives but consider it a dream too out of reach. But, what if I told you that you could take the steps to be your own boss? While, of course, it might not be possible for you to give up the day job just yet, sometimes you can take actionable steps to make sure that this dream becomes a real possibility. I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can do it. Consider starting a business after hours Maybe you have a dream to develop and sell your own product? Or perhaps you have a vision of your own boutique shop selling various different lines of products? Do you have a unique service to offer? All of these things are actionable during your spare time and could be worked on to get them into a position where they become your full-time job and career. You could start a blog if you enjoying writing? Take on different projects for work such a social media management or virtual assistant services. Putting time and dedication into something will be rewarded in the future.   What about a career in freelance work?   If you have services and skills to offer such as creative writing, content creation, website development or management, to name a few, then why not consider a career in freelance work? Of course, the pay can vary from month to month and there many ways for improving your freelance career. but it can often be a viable and flexible working choice for you and your family.   Image   Use your personal social media to build up  a customer base   If you already have a decent social media following then use this powerful marketing tool to your advantage and start to advertise what you can do. Show off things you have made or have to sell, maybe offer up some services for free for close friends and family in return for reviews and statuses on their social media pages. It can be a great way to build up a database before you have even begun.   Take advantage of selling platforms with a big audience Finally, there are websites like eBay and Etsy that have done all the hard work for you. These are genuine selling platforms that will enable you to reach a larger audience quicker than you may do with your own website and ecommerce shop. Using these platforms first again helps you develop a customer database before taking the plunge into full-time work and dedication.  ]]>

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