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How to Improve Your Business with Technology

Every deadline should be met; every email enquiry should be returned in double-quick time; every one of your employees should always be present and correct every single day.

If you’ve been running your business for awhile, then you’ll be well aware that…well, things don’t always work out like that. Rather than the smooth, oiled machine, running a business can often feel like you’re trying extinguish problems rather than calmly planning your next steps forward in the quest for business domination.

However, there is good news on the horizon: the promise of technology. Technology has been revolutionary for business owners like you, allowing you to actually focus on running the business rather than dealing with problems. Below are three of the most common issues that business owners face– and how tech can help solve them.

Employees!  When you were an employee, you will have been familiar with the idea of taking a “sickie”– calling in sick to work when you actually feel fine. You’ve probably taken a few sickies in your time, yet the idea of your employees doing the same is completely infuriating. Sickies aren’t necessary, and if you have a problem with staff absenteeism, then you’re well within your rights to clamp down on the issue.

How Tech Can Help: A quick check of an employee’s social media accounts will tell you if they are genuinely unwell or if they called in because they felt like a day off.

Lost Data Once upon a time, all of the information about your company would have been stored in physical items. You’d have kept your financial records, your contracts with clients, and your employee contracts in boxes, floppy disks (remember them?), USBs, and external hard drives. If you, or an employee, lost these physical items then your business would have to spend days trying to figure out what had been lost and how to replace it.

How Tech Can Help: The cloud has meant that your business can survive regardless of items being lost. You no longer need to keep huge files of bank statements if you use a cloud accountant, and you can store all your HR files on the cloud so you can access them at a moment’s notice. Choosing the right accountants for your Business will also ensure you don’t lose any valuable finance data too!Poor Communication Speeds The business owners of 50 years ago must have been pretty patient people. They’d have to arrange meetings by phone — with no ability to leave a voicemail if someone wasn’t home — and send documents by the unreliable mail system. While they waited for responses, their business would stagnate.

How Tech Can Help: Everything in the modern business world is faster, more efficient, and easier to trace– provided you’re willing to accept the relentless pace of change. Email, Skype, Google Hangouts, texting, leaving a voicemail, sending a WhatsApp message– there’s a thousand and one ways to get in touch with business associates, and you can arrange a client contract in a single afternoon.

Adopting new methods of communication can speed your business up exponentially, thus opening up the ability to earn more money for fewer hours worked. As the above show, tech is changing the way we do business for the better– and long may that continue!]]>

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