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How to Get Your Outfit Right for Your Work Christmas Party

Are you looking to make a splash at your office Christmas party and look both professional and put together? Office parties can be tricky as you want to look work-appropriate while taking it to the next level. For women there are plenty of ways they can do this, but for men it gets a bit more confusing. Not to worry as these tips will help you put together that perfect outfit that you’ll feel comfortable and look great in. Dark Denim and an Open Blazer for the Casual Party If the office is party is going to be in a casual venue, then dark denim will be your best friend. Denim is always great in casual settings but by choosing a dark wash you give it that extra bit of style and dressiness. Loafers tend to work best with dark denim; something in tan or brown will help to set off the dark wash even further. To complete the look, go ahead and add a basic blazer that you can leave open. You’ll be fashionable yet work-appropriate all at the same time. Grab the Black Tie and Fancy Black Suit for the Formal Party For some companies, the office party is a chance to go all out and it becomes a very formal affair. If that’s the case, then you’re going to have to go with the standard black suit and tie, with a crisp white shirt. Make sure you’ve got a pair of black shoes that are properly shined up for the event. You can take the look to the next level by adding a set of stylish cufflinks. Think Office Wear When You’re Unsure of How Dressy the Party Is This style of dressing is actually perfect if you’re unsure of what kind of office party it will be. Dressing the way you do for work is just the safe route to take. While this may not seem like the most interesting wardrobe selection, it does mean you’ll fit in and won’t stand out. You can always spice things up by picking an interesting tie or grabbing a button down shirt in a bold colour or print. Top Off the Look with a Great Coat The final item you’ll want to think about is your coat. If you’ve been in the market for a new jacket, now is the time to pick it up. There’s absolutely no reason your jacket can’t act as part of the “outfit” thanks to the stylish options available nowadays. Take for example the Harrington jackets available through Peter Christian – these add just the right amount of professionalism while still have a casual and trendy vibe. You’ll find these jackets to be very versatile, which means you’ll get plenty of use out of them long after the office party takes place. Ready to Make Your Stylish Mark These pieces will all work together to hit that perfect blend of professionalism with style, which means you’re sure to make an impact at the party.]]>

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