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Business Is All About Money, Let’s Make Yours Work Harder

Whether your SME is a recent startup of an established operation, it’s only natural to worry about money on a near hourly basis.  Afterall, the financial barometer is the crucial indicator of how well (or badly) the business is performing. In truth, you can only have a certain level of impact on the revenue figures and will always need a degree of luck as you look to win and maintain clients. Conversely, the state of the company’s expenses are firmly in your hands, which is why you must maintain a tight grasp at all times.   Many elements contribute to the overall picture, but it’s ultimately about resource management. Given that the employees can be either your greatest asset or worst enemy, this is the perfect starting place. With recruitment, quality takes priority over quantity, not least with permanent on-site staff. Still, trimming the fat in certain aspects through outsourcing is the hallmark of a creative and successful venture.   As well as building a high-quality team, you must find a way to keep them motivated. They’re only human, and a little emotional boost can influence their natural productivity. These needn’t be huge gestures. From water coolers to dress down Fridays, the simple gestures often work as well as the huge showings of appreciation.   The staff is one thing, but the business environment requires a variety of other key factors. These items can range office rentals and equipment to web hosting and public liability insurance. Whatever the item might be, getting the best deals is pivotal. Price comparisons on energy rates and other ongoing costs will make a world of difference to the cause. Just remember not to confuse the word ‘cheap’ with ‘value’, and you should be just fine. Most entrepreneurs that have a little experience in the field will know that building the right model is easy. Maintaining it is where the struggle starts, not least when things go wrong. Unexpected damage to assets can cause a major headache. However, more affordable options are usually available. A barcode scanner repair is far better than replacing the whole POS system, and also enables you to keep the business running smoothly. On a similar note, if your venture offers a service, you can often do a skills trade with other local ventures to cut the costs.   Technology progresses at a rapid rate, and it’s equally vital for the business to grab hold of modern tools. Whether it’s going paperless in the office or incorporating 3D printing for cheaper manufacturing doesn’t matter. Anything that can improve the cost efficiency of the operation should be viewed in a positive light.  Not least with regards to communication.   In addition to internal links, you need to place a huge emphasis on marketing. This is one area where spending money in a suitable manner can actively generate far greater revenue and profits. Online campaigns are a crucial aspect in this modern age. However, trade shows and other localised offline ventures can be useful too. The key, as with most things in business, is to find the right blend and balance.   Ultimately, making your money work harder doesn’t necessarily mean reducing the costs. As long as you focus on getting value and making investments that are rewarded with increased revenue, you cannot go far wrong. ]]>

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