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Four Career Changes To Give You A Better Work/Home Life Balance

We can all get a little cold feet when it comes to our career choices. Sometimes we can feel like we have settled because during school and college days we didn’t quite know what we wanted to do, therefore jumping into the first opportunity that arises and staying put with it. Sometimes we can find that we have obstacles in our way. A family to support, commitments to pay bills, could a career change be the right move? The truth is, there will never be a right time to consider your options, however, sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith. The big problem many people have with their choice of career is the work and home life balance. Ca you ever strike it just right or is something always going to suffer in the process? So I thought I would share four career changes you could consider that could really make a difference to that home and work life balance that you crave.   Having a family run business There is something quite lovely about working with your family. You get the chance to really connect with one another, spend time and bond in other ways. A family run business could be anything, but some tend to consider things like shops, skilled operations or even deciding to something like run a pub. A family pub can be not only good for you, but also the community you buy a pub in. So it could certainly ensure that your work and home life balance changes. However, when you work on a business together, it can be quite hard to draw a line in the business and accept what might just be family time. So bare that in mind before jumping the whole family into a new working venture.   Working from home freelance Maybe you are skilled in some way. Perhaps in creating content and articles, SEO or digital services like social media management. Maybe you have a law degree or extensive knowledge on HR matters. You could potentially work freelance from home with the skills you already have. Taking on contracts or one off job advertised online could see you have more time for other aspects of life such as doing the school run. Being there in a morning or after school. However, freelance work can be quite up and down, so you need to work out all the details before heading down this route.   Starting up your own business Take freelance work to the next level and become our own boss by starting your own business. So many people decide to take this plunge, especially if they find a gap in the market for a product or service, or even feel they can offer a better service for wanted services such as law or digital services. This could be a real exciting time, but starting your own business initially takes time before you can reap the rewards of being your own boss.   Thinking more about job satisfaction than monetary gain Finally, you could consider a job that just gives you the satisfaction. If you are happy doing a job then that could make you more likely to be happy during your spare time. Which enables you to make the most of family life. I hope that this has given you insight into some of the career changes you could make.]]>

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