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Ways to Create a Business Feel at Home

Working from home is the dream for many of us. Get up when you want (well, within reason), no long and stressful commute, the freedom to work in your own way and in peace. Yet it’s easy to become lazy and distracted. In order to be most productive, you need to be working in an environment that influences and inspires you. Without turning your entire home into one big office, there are ways that changing the interior and exterior of parts of your home can achieve a real business feel for when it’s time to knuckle down. The Home Office Setting aside a room away from the other aspects of home life, as cut off as possible, for your home office is essential. You don’t want to be disturbed while working, so using a loft conversion or the basement is a good idea. There are hundreds of tips for creating a home office out there and some of the most important ones for a productive environment include:

  • Invest in an ergonomic chair and position your screen and keyboard at an appropriate level
  • Let in natural light, as it has been shown to improve workplace performance
  • Install wall storage racks that will look better than filing cabinets while serving a practical purpose
  • Add a few plants or some fish, which can add a bit of interest to the office
  • Paint the walls a colour that suits you. Yellow and orange can be cheery, while light blue and green are more calming, depending on what you need
  • Motivate yourself with decorations, whether sticking a few posters on the wall, photos on the desk or anything else
Modify Your Balcony Especially in summer, you may relish the chance to get outside and do a bit of work. The fresh air can really help improve mood, productivity and motivation. If you live in a flat, then it’s unlikely you’ll have a garden that you can sit and work in. Instead think about upgrading and developing a strong balcony. Balcony systems from Barrier Components can help create a professional looking exterior, while handrail, posts and balustrade systems can be used to complete your balcony. Again, getting a sturdy, ergonomic seat and a desk at the right height to work at is vital as well. You may need to install a power source or get an extension cable that reaches out too. Extend the Conservatory For a productive environment full of natural light, even in the cold of winter, a conservatory office provides an excellent solution. It can be worth adding this home extension to create some space away from the rest of home life which provides you with a good outside view. Remember to install blinds or curtains though, to avoid screen glare. Like any home office, you’ll need a good desk, chair and computer for your set-up, along with storage and a few plants for atmosphere. When it does get cool in the winter a portable heater will be useful too. These tips should ensure you create more of a business feel at home, whether you’ve got an office in the basement, attic, conservatory or decide to work outside.]]>

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