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What I've been watching on Netflix in 2018

It’s the end of March 2018 and I’ve just had a look at my list of things I’ve personally watched on Netflix this year so far.

OMG! Where did I get all that time from.
So ladies and gentleman here’s my definitive list of things I’ve watched on Netflix in the past three months and boy have I loved it!
  • Archer is my new favourite show, so wrong but so right.
  • Z Nation was my guilty pleasure until I binged all the episodes.
  • Altered Carbon was just amazing, only took an episode to get into it but I was hooked!
There’s not many things on this list that I didn’t love. Zoo wasn’t a favourite of mine and Dirk Gently was a bit weird but hey, I gave it a try! Enjoy the list below and feel free to let me know if there’s any amazing shows I’ve missed.

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