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What To Do When Employee Productivity Drops

We all remember what it was like to be an employee. You’d have to drag yourself out of bed, get ready, and go to a job that might not be the career that you actually want to do for the rest of your life. The result of this a drop in productivity for the business, which is something all companies have to deal with. As you expand, and your employee levels rise, it’s harder to maintain the motivation in your staff, because you just have so many things to deal with at a time. But, if your staff are the ones driving your business, it’s important to put a bit of effort into them at some point. The amount that your sales could increase if you have a strong, motivated, workforce behind you is incredible. So, if you’re noticing that employee productivity levels are dropping, here’s how we think you can pick them back up again.   Get Them Out The Office If all your employees do is work, work, work, they’re obviously going to have a drop in productivity. Nobody likes coming to work as it is, but if the role is so full on, it’s obviously going to be something that they dread. So, we recommend getting them out of the office every now and then. If you check out events such as the Cluego treasure hunts, you’ll find something that we’re sure your employees will love. It gets them out of the office for the day, working as a team, and having the most fun that they will have had with work for a long time. It involves running round the city searching for the different clues. It might sound juvenile, but sometimes you need a little bit of that to perk up you and your staff. If you don’t want to do something like this, you could simply take your team out for a meal and a night out. It’s tasty and fun, and once the drinks get flowing, everyone will forget the worries of work.   Improve The Appeal Of Their Role This is something that you definitely need to consider doing. If they’ve been on the same hours, and the same basic pay package for years, then you’re not making the role appealing. You need to keep it varied, include progression, and increase pay as the years go on. The more appealing and varied the role, the more likely they are to stay engaged when they’re actually at work.   Simply Talk To Them Something all companies seem to be failing to do at the minute. The divide between management and employees is stronger than ever, but you can find out so much if you actually go and talk to your employee. You might find that they’re finding the role too difficult, that something is going on outside of the workplace, or that they don’t get along with colleagues. Once you have the information, you can work to correct it so that productivity rises. It’s also nice for your employees to know that their company boss cares about them!]]>

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