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Creating a #DreamPet To Love, Look After and Cherish with Petplan

When you’re young, I’m talking very young like Dorothy, you don’t understand the magnitude of what it’s like to really own a pet. So when I got the opportunity to provide Dorothy with a new pet on this occasion I couldn’t wait to hear the response. Just imagine a pet that you didn’t need to clean up after, talk for walks or worry about humping your leg whenever it gets frisky! Is that even possible? Now before I carry on writing can I just point out in Dorothy’s 2 and a half years of drawing experience, she hasn’t quite mastered cats and dogs yet. Drawing round her hand is one of her best art pieces though 🙂 So to explain further, Dorothy has the opportunity to draw an imaginative dream pet and have it magically transformed into a plush soft toy dream pet! I admit I had desires for this pet myself. Having a long working time ahead of me in Bulgaria with only a few days home time I needed something to cuddle. It would be great to have Dorothy’s creation to look after when I’m away and then pass it back when I’m home. Would let her know that I’m thinking of her. After a few trips, Dorothy can then keep him safe when I’m away. Unfortunately, I was at work when Dot and Mrs P got to have all the fun with a craft day brief as described. Something unique, an imaginative pet that Dorothy chooses including lots of colours and shapes! As I mentioned above, we’d been doing lots of hand drawings so you can imagine my surprise when I come home to this little beauty!

Meet Hans! I’m thinking Dutch with a hint of a German accent. Just look at that hair!

What a crazy looking drawing right! But Dorothy loves it as it was her (mostly Mrs P’s) adorable pet creation. Dorothy’s colouring is adorable and these were all the colours we worked hard on when educating her when she was a wee one. Purple was by far her favourite word. I sent the amazing team at Petplan our drawing of “Hans” and without any questions on the drawing, colours, shapes (facial scars) or style, went away to make Dorothy’s beautiful drawing a reality. And what a reality they’ve created! Look at this lovable and adorable little thing 🙂 No not me I jest but in all honesty, I love it. It’s Dorothy’s own creation, her hand, her choice of colouring and I get to carry it with me wherever I go, whenever I go. If you don’t believe me, it joined me on a little trip to Bulgaria when I last went away 🙂

Hans is now officially part of the family without any of the mess, food cost or he does, however, need his own seat on the plane!

We’ve got up to so much in the past few weeks. There’s been the endless games of hide and seek!

Hans giving me a hand in the office!

He’s a very cheeky pet, getting rides from the local dogs as he doesn’t want to walk!

We did some sightseeing across Bulgaria together!

But finally, as it’s my last day here today for this stint, it’s time to go home! 

When I arrive home, Hans will be taking his rightful place with Dorothy who will then look after him the next time I’m away mid-September. Giving her a sense of responsibility, but also a talking point with every video and a sense of achievement in knowing that he’s well looked after.

So creepy looking Dream Pet, you might just be cute and cuddly after all.

  *Thanks go to Pet Plan Insurance for turning Dorothy’s Dream Pet into a reality. All words and thoughts are my own, ok some of them are Hans’s too 🙂 ]]>

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