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From Idea to Shelf: Bringing That Product Idea to Life

People can be amazing sometimes. They can be going about their normal business, working, looking after the kids, and so on, and then be hit by a moment of inspiration: they have a new idea for a product, and they think it’s a good one. These ideas normally come from parents, ones who are naturally curious about the world and see things through their own lens in a unique way. In today’s world, it’s easier than ever before to take an idea for a new product and make it a reality. We take a look at what you’ll need to do to bring it to life below.   Is It Needed? It’s easy to think up a unique idea for a product. How about…a corkscrew that sings the Happy Birthday song and tells you the local time in Atlanta, Georgia? It’s easy to come up with ideas. The hard part is to come up with a good idea. So before you get too far along the process of planning and designing your product, ask yourself – and others – whether it’s needed. It’s possible that you’d go through all that effort only to find that no-one wants it! And wouldn’t that suck.   Has It Been Done? Now, we don’t want to burst your bubble before it has even fully inflated, but it has to be said: that genius idea you’ve had may already exist. New inventions aren’t all like the iPhone and the other big players; most of them are tiny in popularity. They’re successful, but hardly a household essential, you know? So once you’ve got your idea, the first thing to do is investigate whether it has been done before or not. This is especially important for those products that take an existing idea and modify it in some way.   Flawless Design People love a good idea, and if it improves their life in some way, then it won’t be a hard sell to get them to buy. But they’ll only buy if the product is as good as the idea. That’s why the design of your product is just as important as the idea; no-one’s going to buy something that looks terrible and/or is poorly assembled. So work on your design. Work with a company that offers injection moulding services, and get a prototype made. It’ll be all about tweaking your product to make sure it’s as good as possible before it goes to market. Also, keep in mind that you can’t just invest the product and be done with it; you’ll need to continually test, tweak, and upgrade based on performance and other people’s feedback.   Bring In Other People You might have the idea, and may be able to make the product yourself, but when it comes to marketing and other business essentials, you need to bring in other people. Look at working with outsourcing companies or hiring people so that you’re surrounded by the best people. Inventing the thing is only stage one…the success rests on what you do once it has been made!  ]]>

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