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I've Lost My Job Just Before Christmas!

9With less than 2 months to go before Christmas, having my contract terminated early wasn’t on my Wish List.

For those of you that’s been following me on LinkedIn, read My Summer in Sofia post or through my social accounts, you’ll know that I’ve been working a contract.
Working a contract is a big risk as there’s no real affiliation as an employee. You always know there will be an end point, especially when it’s a maternity leave cover. But there are big pros to working a contract too.
As a CIPD Lv7 student, this is a move to transition into people management and human resources. That’s where I see my future going. A hybrid towards recruitment and attraction strategies as well as a mix in marketing and operational improvements within an organisation.
Working a contract gave me the possibility of increasing my knowledge within a global organisation across multiple countries for much bigger stakes.

So the big question is why did it end so soon?

I was the talk of the town, destined to have my contract extended, a new position created for me to manage recruitment marketing for a company that drastically needs it, saving the organisation over $500k in penalties from escalated contract misses in the process.
It was a decision that was dictated by global matters that were completely out of my control but as a contractor, who had largely served a purpose, I was an easy choice.
Having dedicated nearly 4 months away for the benefit of the company (the one that I was only going to be with for a year anyway) it was a real shock but I’m not completely unhappy about it.
The company expected so much, the hours were starting earlier but expected to finish later and while the thought leadership had great ideas, they were all short-term with no mid or long-term plan. That had been the same for years and it was meant to be one of my remits to help change.

So what now?

It’s been a week and I’ve just started to settle back to being home. I was a little shell-shocked to start with being away for so many months on end, living by myself with no friends. Life was one long work day!

We’ve had a week together doing everything that we missed out on over the summer. There’s been a lot of soft play, we’ve had days out, film premieres, gardening, man shed building .dinner time in and out of the home, some time with friends and of course I’ve had one or two interviews.

What’s the good news?

My director at work felt like a brother in arms. We worked together and faced the same challenges on different scales. They’ve given my nearly two months notice and not needed me to be in the office. So I’ll be right here at home with the family.

So I’m actively looking for a new job in talent acquisition management both nationally and internationally but first, I’m going to spend some time being a dad and a husband.


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  1. Tom Briggs Reply

    Sorry to hear this mate – I’ve actually been in the same situation at the same time of year and it’s far from easy. Like you, though, I wasn’t entirely unhappy about it and things did work out well for me before long. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Rice-Roberts Reply

    I’m so sorry to hear about this! But I guess the only thing anyone can do is look at the silver lining and being home with your beautiful family! Something will come up for you soon – you’re a talented guy 🙂

  3. Gemma Stringer Reply

    Awful when things like this happens, least you have a notice period and get to spend the cold winter months with the family and looking for a new challenge. LinkedIn is probably a great place to do that

    1. Corporate Dad UK Post author Reply

      Yeah I’m smashing it out at the moment. It’s been great and I’m working with some wonderful clients now!

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