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Which Business Tasks Are The Most Time-Consuming?

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For most business owners, a heavy workload is just part and parcel of the job. While there is no denying the perks of being your own boss, the amount of work that this tends to generate is significant, and most business owners accept this and see it as a worthwhile trade-off.

However, you – like many business owners – may have acknowledged that while you accept your days will be busy, you also need to try and achieve a semblance of a work-life balance too. In doing so, it is important to identify which business tasks are most likely to dominate your time – and to assist you with this process, below, we’ve highlighted some business tasks that can be particularly time-consuming… 


SEO in and of itself is not particularly time-consuming, as most campaign platforms have been designed to be as simple and efficient to use as possible. With SEO, the time-consuming factor comes from the sheer amount of research that is needed to stay abreast of the latest developments. SEO changes constantly and often with very little warning, which means that a huge amount of time has to be dedicated to tracking the latest algorithm updates and tweaking campaigns accordingly. As a result, many business owners find it necessary to outsource their SEO to professional agencies as soon as possible in order to continue to see results without the need for significant time investment on their part. 


Proofreading does not necessarily sound like it would be particularly time-consuming; after all, all that’s required is to read over a few sentences and check basics such as grammar and spelling. However, businesses rely on a huge amount of text – whether it’s their website copy, a social media post, or an email to a supplier – and it is important, both for clarity and professional appearance, to ensure that this text is well-written, accurate, and free from obvious errors. Constantly pausing to proofread various communications can be incredibly distracting, so “outsourcing” this task to reliable proofreading apps such as Grammarly or WhiteSmoke can save a surprising amount of time in a business owner’s day.


Managing a business’s accounts will always be time-consuming for two reasons. First, business finances are rarely static; things change and adjustments need to be made, which can be incredibly time-demanding on a day-to-day- basis. Secondly, accounting is complex, particularly in regards to areas such as taxation, so a huge amount of research is often required – which can distract a business owner from the main focus of their business. Given that well-managed accounts are crucial to the health of a company, switching to working with a business accountant is one of the first things business owners do when seeking to reduce their own workload. 

In conclusion

When seeking to lower your workload, focusing on the tasks above is always a good start. By finding ways to reduce the amount of time you spend on these tasks, you should be able to keep your workload manageable and thus enjoy an improved work-life balance in the future. 

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