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The Importance of Treating Your Employees Well

There’s this kind of corporate attitude that a lot of business owners tend to have when they’re just starting out. They think that taking things seriously can be a benefit because it helps with professional appearances and they believe that the serious attitude towards their business can help form good first impressions to their employees and customers. Unfortunately, the reality is that this tends to result in losing your “touch” with your employees which means that you treat them more like processes and resources than actual human beings.

Whether it’s giving your employees motivation to continue working or helping them with issues outside of work, it’s vital that you try and change the way you treat your employees so that you can run a successful business.

Understand your employees

While it’s completely understandable that a company filled with employees is difficult to keep up with, you ultimately need to try and spend a bit of time with each one so that you can learn their strengths and weaknesses. This is especially true if you’re just starting out because the first couple of employees that you hire could go on to become trusted members of your team. By working together with your employees, understanding their strengths and making use of their abilities the best you can, you stand a better chance to improve your business in the long term.

You should also take time to try and understand your employees outside of the workplace too. For example, if a hard-working employee is constantly late to work or is having trouble with their motivation, then speaking to them can help you understand what’s troubling them and also give you some ideas on how you can improve your working relationship.

Investing in your employees and their needs

Here’s an interesting scenario that many employers would scoff at.

Imagine an employee asked you to upgrade their computer equipment. They tell you that the cost is £5,000 to upgrade everything they need and it will help them produce work more efficiently and improve the overall quality. Many employers would simply say that £5,000 is far too much for a single computer upgrade, but it’s one of the needs of your employees and you need to think about it from the perspective of a business investment and not a personal investment in that employee.

If that £5,000 can help that employee produce work at a faster pace and at a higher quality, then it’s well worth the investment. If that employee then makes you thousands by improving their work, then it can easily make up for the investment that you put into them.

This is why it’s important to speak to your employees to try and understand their needs. Whether it’s installing a new commercial extractor fan to help clean up a workshop, adding new computers to improve their workflow or installing better hardware to speed up processes, it’s vital that you invest in your employees and their needs and think of it in terms of your return on investment.

Modern times need modern approaches to the workplace

Most businesses today don’t seem to understand that in modern times, you need to take modern approaches to problems and find solutions that are more effective for your needs. In the past, motivating employees involved “employee of the month” awards and salary raises. We’ve discovered over time that money isn’t the only motivator to your employees and there are other ways to both inspire employees and keep them loyal to your cause.

Modern solutions for motivation include keeping a positive and down-to-earth mindset and to stop trying to intimidate your employees. Fostering a toxic relationship with your team members only causes more problems and isn’t the ideal solution to your problems. At the end of the day, happy employees are efficient workers that would go the extra mile for your business even if you didn’t ask them and it’s important to realize that their happiness equals your happiness.

Another important factor in how motivated your employees are is purpose. Having a purpose will change the way your employees approach your business and will help them grow their skills and improve their attitude on their own. Everyone wants to feel like they are contributing to the success of your business and this means helping them find their purpose and position in your business.

Some final words

Modern businesses need to take a modern approach to business. You need to start treating your employees well and you need to stop considering them as just investments or resources that are expendable. It’s all about developing a good relationship with your team and helping them grow their careers while benefiting your own company in the process.

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