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7 Ways to Make a Side Income

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Whatever we do for a living, life seems to just more expensive. You might look at the salary that you earn right now and wonder where it all vanishes. Do you get to the day after payday and find that you are suddenly poor again? But think back a few years, you may have been earning much less. How did the expense of living rise as fast as you did while climbing the career ladder? 

What you need is a side hustle. Just a little bit of an extra income that you can spend purely on the fun stuff leave the bills to the day job, and earn yourself some pocket money. You never know, you might enjoy the work too.


There are loads of freelance writing websites online offering up the chance to take little writing jobs for cash. You’ll be paid by the word, so turning out a couple of articles on an evening is easily achievable. If you can write quickly, and well this will be a great help. 


Obviously, this comes with its risks, but find a mobile casino, pay by phone, and you’re away. Don’t ever gamble money that you’re not happy to lose, and learn when to stop. 

Matched Betting

Lots of bookkeepers offer free bets to entice new customers. By taking up this offer and placing bets that back a specific outcome, you can then go and visit a betting exchange and pay to place a lay bet on the opposite result, at the same odds. You are essentially betting against yourself, and one of the options will payout, meaning that you will have the money that you paid in for the matched back, plus extra. It can be complicated to get your head around at first, but it is risk-free. 

TV Extra

Ever wondered about the people in the background on films and TV shows? They’re all paid to be there. They’re generally not doing very much, and they’re earning a reasonable amount of money, plus they get to watch the filming and can say that they’re in it. 

Online Surveys

You can get paid for taking surveys online. It sounds too good to be true, but companies want the opinions of real people. You won’t ever earn a life-changing amount, but it takes minimal effort to do them, so you could even do them while watching TV. Sometimes you’re paid in vouchers, sometimes in cash.

Life Model

If you don’t have a problem sitting naked in front of a bunch of strangers, why not be a life model? Art classes always need people to draw and paint, and if you’re not shy, it is money for doing nothing. And you don’t even need to get dressed for work. 

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog or have ever thought of starting one, affiliate marketing is an excellent way of monetising it. By including links to products or services in your articles, you could earn money for any traffic your page directs to those companies.

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