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Help Protect Your Business

If you run a small business, then you may not think that your company is ever going to be targeted by criminals. This is not the case, and sometimes, smaller businesses are easy targets for thieves or vandals. Here are the steps you need to take to keep your business as safe as possible.

Perform a Risk Assessment

Criminals are very opportunistic. If they see a hole in your business security, then they’ll most likely try and exploit it. One way for you to get around this would be for you to do a risk assessment. This will help you to be more aware of the flaws that are in your operation right now, and it will also stop you from needlessly exposing your business to crime.


Check the Perimeter

If your business is overrun with bushes and trees that need cutting back, then this can provide the perfect cover for criminals. For this reason, you need to remove any piles of rubbish and you also need to cut back any overgrown foliage. The more you can maintain your surroundings, the harder it will be for someone to break in without being noticed.

Theft Prevention

It’s not just seasoned criminals who’ll target your business. Sometimes, employees steal as well, so it is important that you check any references and that you also hold regular training sessions for your team too. This will help them to spot thieves and it will also help them to recognise suspicious behaviour. Cash should be monitored, and deliveries need to be inspected upon arrival. If you have some staff members who are responsible for depositing money in the bank, have a rotation system so that one employee is never solely responsible for handling your business profit.



Valuables should be locked in a safe, and doors should be strengthened too. You can easily do this by installing grilles or even shutters. If you don’t have any staff at the premises, then entrances and exits need to be locked. It may even be worth installing a CCTV system too. When you do, you will deter criminals from targeting your company and you can also pinpoint any security flaws that you might not be aware of, such as staff leaving keys in the door or them not following protocol. If you want to take things to that next level, why not think about investing in a fire curtain too?

Your Assets

Your business assets may include tools, computers and even printers. You can protect them by writing down the model or serial number. It also helps to put a note on them with a permanent marker. Try and do this in an inconspicuous area, so that if your items are ever stolen, you can prove that they are yours.


Regular stock checks are crucial if you want to protect your business. You also need to keep stock away from entrances and exits. This will make your items harder to steal and it will also make it much harder for thieves to see your wares.

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