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5 Areas Where Savviness Can Save You A Lot

Savviness is one of those terms that is part of everyday life when it comes to describing our interactions with technology. Perhaps the trend was first launched by the media. Perhaps it’s a case of business jargon entering the realm of real life. Regardless of where our addiction to the word savviness comes from, there is no denying that we tend to associate savvy behaviours with practical and technical knowledge. Savviness is, as far as modern society is concerned, the ability not only to click your way through the Internet but also to click the most suitable options. In a world that promotes digital interactions, it’s fair to say that the savvy man has a smartphone at the ready to tackle the most tricky situations in a few clicks. 

And it’s precisely where the beauty of modern-day savviness lies. In 2019, you can’t afford to ignore the powerful device in your pocket. Making the most of your smartphone to access the information you need and make the best-informed decisions should become second nature. 

Online banking

Online banking puts you in charge

While 10 years ago, online banking wasn’t the preferred method of managing money, the smartphone revolution has dramatically transformed our habits. Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find a bank that doesn’t let their customers use an app to manage funds and transactions. If you’re trying to cut out money waste, it takes only a few minutes to check your bank account and identify which of your direct debits can be turned off. Indeed, thanks to the direct debit guarantee, customers can cancel debit payments in a few clicks through their online account. But more importantly, being able to know in real-time about all transactions happening in your account helps thousands of people to manage their finances effectively. When checking is that easy, you’ve got no excuse not to keep yourself informed.  

You know a good car deal when you see one

Do you remember the days your dad or granddad spent the weekend fixing the car? There was a time when mechanics seemed a lot easier. Nowadays, you need a lot more than a little oil and some screws to fix an engine. However, while cars are becoming more sophisticated, you can find plenty of helpful guide and reviews online to help you compare vehicles and features. Indeed, when you can’t easily pop the bonnet open and fix the car, you need to make sure your investment is right for your family.Online reviews on shapes and models can help you understand in a few minutes which choice to make for your family. 

You can recognise a scam with your eyes shut

It’s 2019. Let’s be honest; you’re unlikely to fall in the trap of the Nigerian Prince offering per email to transfer his money into your account. You’re an experienced online user, and therefore, you know how to spot a scammer at first glance. By definition, a scam sounds too good to be true. Therefore, if, by chance, a suspicious email makes its way to your mailbox without being filtered out, you won’t hesitate a second to mark all the “get rich tonight” emails as spam. While online scammers have honed their craft since the late 1990s, online users are savvy enough to know better! 

If you can spot a scammer…

The first option isn’t only the best

With hundreds of ecommerce platforms, you know how to find the best deal online. Modern shoppers rarely commit to a purchase at first sight. When you’ve got the whole of the Internet at your fingertips, you can spare a little time to compare prices. Using Google Shopping, you can find the lowest price for your product. Additionally, you can even find a cheaper alternative through eBay sellers if you know where to look. Finally, online shoppers know that brands are keen to interact with users who abandoned their baskets. All you need to do is to leave the site without completing the purchase process. Brands such as Tesco and Asos send discount vouchers to reactive abandoned baskets! 

You know loyalty doesn’t pay

How long have you been with the same energy or Internet provider? If you can’t remember, you’re probably one of the few Britons who haven’t switched yet. Indeed, in 2017 only, over 5 million gas and electricity customers moved to a new supplier. Why the switch? Because being loyal to your provider doesn’t guarantee the best price. In fact, switching is the best way to keep your budget under control, and with comparison sites, you can make sure you select the best option for your household. 

Click, click, click. Digital savviness could best be described as a click and save phenomenon. The more you click, the more money you save, by protecting yourself from digital threats and by making the most cost-effective decisions. 

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