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Keeping Cool: How To Nail Your Summer Office Look

Staying cool during a heatwave isn’t easy. At home it’s easy: you put on a pair of shorts, sit in front of a fan, and tell everyone who’ll listen to you that you’re burning up and you urgently require a cool drink with plenty of ice. But at work it’s a lot harder: not only do you have to sit at a desk all day and work with minimal breaks for ice cream, but you also have a commute to deal with, along with making sure that you fit into the office dress code. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do with your look to ensure that you look professional this summer.

Learn To Layer


First of all, it’s time to learn to layer. A lot of offices tend to put the air conditioning on full blast all summer, and while it can be great to walk into an icy cold building after the hellish heat of public transport, as the day goes on you may start to find that you are actually uncomfortably cool. That means layering is something that you need to come to terms with. Take a sweater to the office – pick out a neutral colour like navy blue or dark grey, so it goes with everything you wear, and add it to your outfit whenever that breeze from the air-con unit gets too much for you. You’ll be able to strip it off when you hit the pavements at lunch for that Pret baguette. You should also remember to continue wearing a jacket to work, even when it’s warm. It may seem excessive, but it pulls an outfit together and smartens up an open collar button and lack of tie. Go with a lighter colour over the summer.

Choose Your Fabrics Carefully


During the summer, you need to be careful with the fabrics you choose so that you don’t end up sitting uncomfortably in a puddle of your own sweat by the end of your commute. If you’re required to wear a suit to work, ditch the wool and go for a lighter fabric – linen may crease but you can get away with that in summer, and if you want it to look perfect then get it tailored to fit your body. Try out a company like Colmore Tailors for help. Go for a lighter colour like blue, beige or khaki instead of black or dark grey – not only will the look be right for the time of year but it will absorb less heat and you’ll stay cooler.

Liven Up Your Prints


There’s no better time than summer to experiment with your look a little. Why not go for a print that you might usually be too scared to try? If that’s too much for you, move from your usual white shirt to a pale blue or pink or even a gingham fabric. This will help you look more put together and stylish even when you take your jacket off. Meanwhile, add a pop of colour with a tie with a print or pocket square. 

Even if you’re physically uncomfortable in the heat, that’s no excuse to dress down for work. These tips should help you maintain your professional look while adding a little extra summer spice.

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