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Does Your Business Need A Security Guard?


When you’re running a business, you’ll know that both physical and cybersecurity are top priorities. Perhaps you’ve been considering hiring a security guard for your premises? There are several signs which indicate that you could have the right idea. 

1 . Criminals have made you a target

 If you’ve been targeted by criminals already, this is a huge sign that you could benefit from hiring a security guard. The more security that a business has in place, the less likely they are to be targeted (or re-targeted)! Having a professional security guard is an automatic visual deterrent; sending thieves a message to think again! If you are keen to deter criminals away, it’s a good idea to use signs that announce your security features. A simple ‘CCTV in operation’ sign, for example. 

2.  Your business is prone to emergency situations  

 Different businesses are prone to varying emergency scenarios. Retail stores or banks often need a security guard due to the likelihood of robbery. Pubs or nightclubs are more prone to incidents involving alcohol or violence; so usually need a security guard for such occurrences. Offices are also targeted by instances of theft or vandalism. To keep the premises and employees safe; it’s not uncommon for office buildings to employee security personnel. It’s naive to assume that incidents won’t happen. Planning for the worst, security-wise, will allow you to ensure the highest levels of damage control. 

3. Your neighbourhood is prone to crime 

 If your business operates in a location that’s remote or isolated, it could be a target for vandalism or robbery. Some companies operate from neighbourhoods in the city whereby crime rates are relatively high. Many businesses will opt for areas with cheaper rent to cut costs. Renting in an area with higher crime rates could mean that you’ll need to up your security game! 

4. Your premises is full of high-end items 

 All businesses will have valuable assets, and some may have more high-value possessions on-site than others. If your premises has lots of high-value items, this is a sign that you’ll want to consider a security guard. Whether it’s data, hardware or money, you’ll want everything to be secure. Naturally, you’ll need to ensure that all your data is backed up, especially if you are using traditional servers. When using cloud-based servers, your backups should be automatic. If you use cloud-computing, you’ll have the option to wipe a device of sensitive data if it gets stolen. When you are concerned with protecting your data, it’s important to implement strong cybersecurity solutions. Investing in a good cloud-security system will ensure that you protect yourself online.

5. Employees are often working late

Perhaps your business often has employees working late at night? If this is the case, you will want to think about the use of a security guard.  A guard can ensure the safety of your building after hours as well as your employees inside it. They can also accompany your employees to and from their cars in the car park. Afterhours is often when businesses are targeted, so you won’t want to skip on security measures around the clock. If you only wish to employ a day-time security guard, make sure that you use alarms, CCTV and British standard locks. Some businesses prefer to opt for smart locks

6.  Issues with internal theft 

 No one wants to believe that their employees or vendors might steal, yet the fact is it does happen. Perhaps you have unsolved issues in this department? Having a security guard on site lessens the likelihood of theft and allows you to relax. Most employees are trustworthy, but not all, and it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

What are the benefits of hiring a security guard?  

Hiring a security guard can be beneficial for several reasons. A security professional will be specially trained to handle a criminal incident should it occur. Knowing that you have a trained professional who can handle such occurrences will give your company peace of mind. From a customer service point of view security guards can also be very useful. Guards will often be able to point clients or customers in the right direction. If your business consists of different areas to which access is limited, a guard can help to grant the correct access. If you hire security guards, you’ll ensure that the restricted areas of your company remain safe.

 A professional security guard may be employed to man the grounds after closing time. Extended security like this can ensure the after-hours safety of the premises. They can also help you to check the credentials of those entering the building. Perhaps you need someone to monitor your video surveillance? A security professional can take on such tasks within their role. If your business requires checking for contraband items- a security guard can help you with this also. A security professional will be able to monitor suspicious activity, and their physical presence will ward off potential criminals. 

Employing a security guard will mean that both your employees and customers will feel relaxed. Your customers will feel valued, knowing that safety is a priority. Security breaches can be off-putting to customers, yet if they are handled appropriately, everyone should feel at ease. 

How to choose the right security guards? 

The first thing that you will need to do is to determine your needs. If you know what your exact needs are from the beginning, you’ll have a better chance of finding a service that’s right for you. One question that you should consider is, do you require armed or unarmed guards? You should decide if you need a constant security guard, including after hours? Perhaps you only require a remote service? When you are choosing a security company, you can also think about alarm systems and CCTV to work alongside them.

 Of course, not all companies will offer the same quality service, so it’s vital to do your research. You’ll want to look for fully screened SIA licenced security guards . When choosing the right security guard, you’ll need to be sure that you check their references. Have a thorough look over the company’s website as well as speaking to them in person. Ensure that they have a good reputation and experience in the sector that you require. Make sure that you have determined any questions that you wish to ask beforehand. You might want to ask how they will keep in contact with you? Perhaps-what is their contingency plan? Look for a company that offer incident planning, risk assessments and risk mitigation. Keeping your business secure will be a weight off your mind. 

Mobile patrols 

Perhaps you feel that manned guarding is not a suitable option for your business? If this is the case, look for a company that offers mobile patrol visits. These services involve patrol vehicles which provide a deterrent against anti-social behaviour, vandalism or theft. Vehicles are marked and offer the presence of security to prevent opportunist criminals. One of the benefits of mobile patrols is that by vehicle, the security personnel can quickly cover more ground.

CCTV operators 

Some businesses may feel they need to employ CCTV operating staff as well as manned security guards. Your business may be too large for a team to monitor every area on foot. CCTV is a great option to ensure that you can see what is going on everywhere at all times. If an incident does occur, with CCTV, you’ll have the evidence that you need. You’ll need security staff monitoring the cameras so that you can locate the footage afterwards. 

Alarm response

It may be the case that you require an off-site security team to respond to alarms. If so, you’ll want security staff who are locally based and can respond quickly. You should look for staff who are trained to deal with an incident that could be dangerous. You’ll need security officers who are well trained in health and safety procedures. With professionals to deal with alarm response, you’ll prevent your employees from putting themselves at risk. 

Event security 

When it comes to event security, look for a company with plenty of experience. Depending on your event type, you might require safety stewards, traffic management or crowd management. You’ll need the correct incident response teams for safety should something go wrong. Whether an industry event or a festival, it’s key to find the support that you’ll need.


Depending on your type of business, you’ll want to decide if manned or mobile security is best for you. Many companies go for a combination of manned and a CCTV operator. Such decisions will depend on the scale and sector. Once you’ve decided what your specific needs are, the whole process should be easier. You may wish to talk to your employees to determine their views on security. Your staff may be able to give you valuable insights on the weak points in your current system. 

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