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Hammering The Point Home: Applying Your Parenting Skills To Running A Factory

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In one way, running a business is completely comparable to being a parent. But in other ways, it’s thoroughly open to interpretation. And what happens when you try to apply one skill to the other? When people run a business that is as old school as a factory, or any manufacturing company, we can think of the more antiquated approaches to being a leader: ruling with an iron fist, getting people to work for a pittance and numerous other methods that aren’t conducive in the modern-day. But if you’re a parent that tries your best to be lenient and put simply, a parent that is the polar opposite of your own upbringing, how can you transfer your parenting skills to running a business that needs dragging into the modern-day?

A Safe Environment

Literally and metaphorically, a safe environment is crucial for any child’s upbringing. But when you start to apply this to a factory setting, it’s not just about the health and safety, but it’s about providing a forum that’s open so people can speak their mind. While, from a health and safety perspective, items like hard hats and rubber anti-slip mats are crucial, if you can supply that safe environment where people are able to speak their minds, voice their concerns, and provide suggestions on how to improve the business, this won’t just benefit the company in the long run, but morale increases exponentially.

Being Free From Judgement

We can judge children too harshly, but we can also do the same with our employees. Sometimes if somebody makes a mistake it’s not about giving them a telling off, but it’s about finding out what they did wrong, why they did it, and everybody moving on. If you want to motivate employees you can’t give them a verbal lambasting; it’s about providing that constructive criticism. It’s more difficult than ever to provide a nurturing environment, especially in a factory setting. It’s that battle between old school and new school, and if you can start to lead from the top, and provide an open door policy, you can begin to motivate your employees and change the culture from within.

Looking At Your Development

A great parent knows that they are always a work in progress. This is something that you can apply to a working environment. When an employee sees that their boss is always striving for improvement this sends the right message. When you look at how you develop you can shake it up in so many different ways. Working to be a better person can be about developing those soft skills, but it’s also listening to the employees and understanding what they have to say. We want our leaders to be human. And the same applies to our parents. Sometimes we, when growing up, were pointlessly told off for little things, but if our parents can begin to help us see the bigger picture, empathy is increased.

Running a factory is something that needs driving into the 21st century. Parents are continually learning how to improve, so why don’t you learn how to improve your skills in another way?

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