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Saving for life’s essentials

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Life can be very expensive at times, and many of the expenses can’t be avoided. Everyone needs somewhere to live, everyone needs to get to places either it’s by car or public transport, everyone needs to eat, and everyone needs clothing. Even the basic essentials add up, though, and can be very costly, however, there are some ways you can get everything just that little bit cheaper while still keeping the quality.

A Roof Over Your Head

If you can’t afford to buy a house, then you don’t have to buy the whole thing. There are now options where you can buy a property via shared ownership, which means that you will own a share in a flat or house without having to save up as large a deposit as you would have if you were to buy the whole property. You can usually buy from 25% and 75% of a property, and it’s mostly new build properties that are available on a shared ownership basis or properties that are owned by housing associations and are being resold.

Wheels To Get Around

Buying a new car can be a very expensive purchase and often an unnecessary one. There are plenty of used cars in almost original condition which you can get for a fraction of the price. It’s well worth visiting a used car dealer such as Hilton Car Supermarket as you will be able to view a huge range of makes and models rather than having to visit different car dealers.

Normal cars will cost a pretty penny and perhaps you could find a way to win the money. Red or Black, not the car but Roulette at Novibet.co.uk could be a winning option. You could always look at payment options such as part exchange rates for your old car and finance solutions if your not willing to take the gamble.

Buying Clothes

Why not try selling some first? This is a great way to declutter and to see what you really have, what you really wear, and what you really need. Then once you have done that and made a bit of money yourself, your attitude will likely change to buying more clothes. However, you will still need clothes, not just to keep you warm and covered, but for specific occasions. There are plenty of budget stores but for real quality, shop second-hand and keep an eye out for sales all year round. Also, make the most of discount codes and offers. 

Buying Food

Preparation is critical when trying to save money on food. Planning the meals for the week and then only buying the ingredients for them is the best way to do this as well as cooking everything from scratch. Do away with packets and sauces and purchase the ingredients, it doesn’t take that much longer, it tastes way better and is far healthier. If you find that you waste a lot of food and your life can’t be as organized, then start buying more frozen foods like peppers or onions as they are so easy to throw into a Bolognese or chilli.

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