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How to Empower your Employees

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The success of a company is completely entwined with the success of its employees and the more you empower the people who work for you the more they will be able to thrive and grow within their working environment. You may already know that employee empowerment is important for business growth but how do you actually do it? Here are just 4 of the ways you could empower your employees.  

  1. By giving them independence
    Support your employee’s independence by not hovering over their shoulders, you aren’t a babysitter and no one likes to be babysat. Clarify the ends instead of the means and allow them to take the lead on their own tasks. They may stumble at times but this safe failure will ultimately help them to grow into a better employee. Another way to demonstrate your trust in your employees is by offering them independent time to work from home, this could be for a day a week or for longer periods of time to allow them to work around things such as childcare. You may even find that they are more productive when able to work from an environment of their choosing. Independence demonstrates trust and trust is something people will work hard to maintain.

  2. Provide them with the tools they need
    Providing your employees with the tools they need to do their job is one of the very basic ways you can empower them. Ensure that people in specialist roles have access to the software or systems they need to thrive and grow, such as providing your designer with a specialised cad workstation. An employee battling against poor tools or equipment is likely to be demotivated and uninspired and so a little investment in their daily essentials is more than worth it to your business. 
  1. Foster open communication
    Another way to empower your employees is to have an open-door policy and foster a culture of open communication within your business. So many companies are built on top-down communication but this is slowly changing and under this leadership employees often feel stifled and as if they have no voice. Provide your employees with a means to raise their own viewpoints and make them feel heard. Ensure your employees know that their input is valid and reward suggestions that make positive changes to your company.

  2. Encourage self improvement
    It’s commonplace for employers to complain that their employees are stagnating when they aren’t actually providing them with any means by which to grow. Help your employees by sitting down with them and setting a plan for their growth, ask them where they want to be and think about what you can do to help them get there. You may not be able to afford to support them financially with their personal development but you are able to support them by giving them the time they need by being flexible with their schedules. Employees who are given the opportunity to pursue self-improvement will be more motivated and can apply their newfound skills to your business. 

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