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Treating Anxiety in Work both Physically and Emotionally

Once covered up and not deemed right for public discourse, anxiety is a mental health disorder that is coming to the fore. It has taken a while, but it has slowly bubbled up to the surface of the common psyche. We longer deemed it inappropriate to talk about what makes us feel stressed and depressed. Anxiety is something that hundreds of millions of people go through in their lives. Some go through it to varying degrees but for others, it can be incredibly hampering. According to the World Health Organization, anxiety disorders are ranked sixth as the largest contributors to disability across the world. This means that it’s much more common than you might think and it’s more than likely that you will go through an anxiety episode or condition at least once in your life. Treatments of this condition shouldn’t be restricted to mental health. Physically, we have the ability to lessen and even control our anxiety. 

A weight on your chest

Anxiety is a form of panic. No matter how slowly it may enter into your mind, it’s end goal is to induce panic and fear into your psyche. This will eventually manifest itself in physical responses. Most people say they feel a tightness or a weight bearing down on their chest. This is because our brain is reacting to what it perceives as a fight or flight situation. When our brains are in this mode, the body is made ready for action. Blood vessels become wider, your blood pressure rises and chemicals are released in your muscles to make them ready for intense movements. The reason why we feel a shortness of breath is because our muscles and respiratory system are not getting the levels of oxygen they now require. Thus our body wants us to pant and breathe deeply to supply it with copious amounts of air. 

The longer you take to breathe in deeply, the longer the panic may continue. But if you do breathe too deep and too fast, it will give your body the confirmation it needs to continue on in a physically heightened state. All this could be happening when you’re completely at a resting state, such as sitting down having a conversation. The best thing to do is to breathe deeply but in a slow controlled manner. This way, you give your muscles the oxygen they need but at the same time, you’re winding down the pressure on your chest and slowly controlling your blood pressure back down to a resting state. 

A natural approach

If you were to go see your doctor about an anxiety condition you were suffering from, you’re likely going to be prescribed drugs. Although there are certain pill-form treatments that are quite effective, they also come with side effects to varying degrees. You may wish to try out a more natural approach, such as CBD oil, which has shown signs of helping people with anxiety and depression. During testing, CBD oil has shown to have an antidepressant effect on animals in several studies. Perhaps crucially, because anxiety is triggered by a mental state, CBD has the ability to interact with the serotonin receptors in our brains. These are neurotransmitters that regulate our social behavior and moods. 

This natural approach is brilliant for sustainable use and specifically geared towards those that have social anxiety. The other benefits are slightly less inflammation of injuries and general wear and tear. Don’t underestimate how important this can be, because having to live with chronic pain can add to your daily stress levels. 

Change your pace/environment

Being stuck inside all day long, at work or otherwise does not help your mental health. In fact, it can bring on the feelings of being trapped and claustrophobia. In order to give your mind a change in pace, you should take up some kind of gentle or moderate exercise. The simple act of taking a walk before dinner can refresh your mind. Or perhaps, going for a run on the weekends or even weekdays can massively boost your positive outlook. Firstly, your eyes are being spoiled with brand new environments. Rather than experiencing the same old mundane surroundings of your workplace office and home, you’re encompassed by trees a clear blue sky and wildlife. 

If you find that your anxiety usually increases due to your work, then try to change your lifestyle around your job. Go for a morning jog and take deep breaths while you run. Not only will your body become healthier but your brain is receiving a fresh supply of oxygen in the morning. This can be calming for the rest of the day, helping you to stay balanced while at work. You’ll also have far better blood circulation so your breathing will be far more effective at calming you down.

A burgeoning issue

Whatever the reason is for your anxiety, it’s important to tackle it head-on. Being honest is the only way you’ll ever get to the bottom of it. There must be a reason for why you feel anxiety only in certain situations. Could it be relationship anxiety that is triggered by commitment or perhaps marriage? Maybe you are an introvert and find it awkward to meet new people. Lacking confidence is one of the top issues that most people will admit to. It could also be down to your perception of your physical appearance. Maybe you have body image issues that you feel you cannot share with others. Whatever the cause is, know that if you leave it unchecked it will become a burgeoning issue. It piles up and up until you find life too difficult to cope with. 

You’ve heard this a million times before, but it’s important to take note. Talk to your doctor, explain the types of issues you’re having. Don’t be afraid to be totally honest about your fears and triggers. The more open you are the better treatment will be offered to you. Doctors will often prescribe some drugs to help you calm down but combine that with opportunities to access counseling or psychiatry services. With a psychology expert, you can explore the things that make you feel depressed and panicked. 

Compounding contributors

As aforementioned, a lot of anxiety issues come from the physical aspects of our lives. Compounding contributors like smoking and alcohol can make things worse. Alcohol is not something that you should be drinking when you’re battling depression and anxiety. It can make things worse by making you dependent on alcoholic drinks to get through the day. As we know, alcohol can loosen us, make us more outgoing and not so worried about what other people think of us. However, the damaging effects on our health are dire consequences. The same goes for smoking. The nicotine released into the bloodstream can calm some people down, but smoking has a monumentally bad effect on our health. The lungs will fill up with hardened chemicals, making it more difficult to breathe. Since you need to take deep breaths when you’re trying to calm yourself down, smoking will make it more difficult to stop an anxiety attack.

It’s never easy to admit that you have issues with anxiety. However, being able to talk openly with your doctor about your concerns is the best way to tackle the problem head-on. You may find that injecting an exercise regime into your life will give you a change of pace and environment. These two things will combine to slow life down for you and give you space to breathe. Give CBD oil a chance, and see if it can calm your nerves down.


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