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Life Hacks for Stress-Free Business Travel in the UK

If your career demands that you spend large portions of your time travelling, then stress can often result. Whenever you sit behind the wheel of a car, or purchase a ticket for a train, you’re putting yourself at the mercy of the British transport infrastructure. And that’s before we even account for mechanical failure in the vehicle itself. Moreover, spending hours of your day stuck in a stimulation-free, uncomfortable environment, boredom and frustration are inevitable.

Taking a pro-active approach to your business travel will help you to mitigate these problems, and lower your overall levels of stress. Let’s take a look at a few winning strategies.

Short Distance Trips

According to ACAS, the average commuter in the UK spends just under an hour travelling to and from work every day. Given that this is a frequently-taken trip, you will form a quick idea of the most efficient way to take it. But it’s still worth researching alternatives. If you find that you’re always taking the same route, then look into investing in a season ticket. If you’re travelling from Manchester Victoria to Liverpool Lime Street on a regular basis, you will usually find that you can save considerable amount by booking in advance.

Long Distance Trips

If you’ve having to travel around the country, along unfamiliar routes, then it pays to do a little bit of planning in advance, and to set out as early as possible. That way, you won’t have to contend with the stress of being uncertain whether you’ll arrive on time. Satellite navigation and train timetable apps will keep you apprised of developments further along your route.

How to Deal with Stress


If your trip is especially short, then you might cut out motorised transport altogether, and elect instead to walk or cycle to the office. This option has several advantages. First, it’ll reduce your carbon footprint, and thus ease your conscience. Second, it’ll release those stress-busting endorphins, and give you a lift that see you through your work day. Thirdly, you’ll have the calm that comes with knowing that you’re reducing your chance of suffering a premature death.


Given that so many of us are under significant time pressure during our commute, we often end up picking up fast food items that aren’t great for our health in the long term. Moreover, fast food costs a great deal, and doesn’t always taste great. Make a point of swapping it for something pre-prepared, or stopping to pick up supplies before hunger strikes! 


Whatever you decide, you can make the trip more bearable (and productive) with the help of the right entertainment. Audio books and podcasts fit the bill nicely. A hour a day is around fifty hours a week – which is almost long enough to get through War and Peace.

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