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4 Things to consider when buying a warehouse

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Amazon has the ability to take a business from zero to hero almost instantly and you may find yourself needing to find more storage space for your growing inventory. Buying a warehouse can feel like a daunting step, after all, it’s a big investment so here are 4 things you will want to consider before making your first purchase. 

  1. The size of the building
    If you’re looking at buying your first warehouse then your business is obviously expanding and so you will want to take into account your future growth plans to ensure that you won’t be needing to move again any time soon. Aim to buy a warehouse that is you can grow into to give you room for further growth, but don’t be tempted to go completely overboard as this will just cost you more for unused space. As well as the size of the building the layout is another important consideration as some older layouts may be restrictive for machinery. 

  2. The location of the building 

The location of your warehouse can have a huge impact on its cost. Purchasing a warehouse in a remote location will usually cost you much less than one on the outskirts of a city, however, although a remote location may cost you less initially, it can add a significant percentage onto your transportation costs. When viewing warehouses in more remote locations bear in mind how you plan to ship and deliver your products and remember that if you are a part of Seller Fulfilled Prime, then you need to be able to package and ship your items within 1 day to Amazon Prime customers.

  1. The condition of the building
    Warehouses are often neglected and so you will want to pay close attention to the condition of the building. Don’t forget to check the roof for leaks or missing tiles and to check the floor for signs of cracks or erosion. An uneven or damage warehouse floor can enable pests to get in and can also pose a risk to your staff and so it’s vital that you have it replaced to keep your stock in good order and keep your employees safe. Companies such as Impact floors specialise in commercial flooring and have a wide range of hard-wearing and durable options that can be fitted to minimise disruption to production. Aside from the obvious aesthetics also pay attention to the electrics and plumbing.

  2. The available security
    Sadly, thieves are always on the lookout to make a quick profit and a poorly secured warehouse is just asking for trouble. Check to make sure that the windows and doors of your warehouse are secure and if the warehouse is a part of a larger commercial area then don’t be afraid to ask about additional security measures such as a night watchman or gated security. While you’re walking around also keep in the back of your mind some of the other security measures you may want to put in place such as CCTV and start to think about where the cameras would need to be installed.

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