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What Employers Are Looking at from MBA Graduates

An MBA is still seen as the most valuable degree to pursue in today’s market. This is because businesses are expanding rapidly thanks to the growing market, and there are plenty of strategic (management) roles to fill. Those with an MBA are considered among the most qualified to fill mid- to high-level management jobs.

Employers usually seek specific skills and expertise in MBA graduates. Earning an MBA degree means completing a programme that helps you master the essential management and business administration skills. Still, knowing what employers are looking at from MBA graduates will help you fine-tune the right set of skills along the way, and that is what we are going to do in this article.

Digital Savviness

MBA graduates are expected to know more about the digital aspects of modern businesses. Almost all business operations now depend on technology, digital solutions, and cloud computing one way or another. This means having the ability to understand, implement, integrate, and leverage technology is a huge plus.

Fortunately, some of the more up-to-date master’s degree programmes – including programmes in other fields – are taking into account the digital nature of the modern market. Online MBA programmes are usually the fastest to update their curriculum to keep up with market demands. Now that top universities like Aston University Online offer more access to their programmes, you can earn an MBA and sharpen your digital skills in the process.

Online MBA programmes let you master subjects such as digital marketing and cloud solutions. Some even go as far as offering classes on specific matters like SEO and digital advertising campaigns. All of these classes grant you skills that are highly desired by top employers, increasing the value of your MBA degree even further.

Environmental Management

Going green is more than a trend; it is a necessity for many businesses, either because of regulations or because of awareness. Businesses with higher carbon footprints are actively trying to manage their environmental impact and be friendlier to nature. This calls for a team to really manage business operations from an environmental point of view.

Environmental management is a skill that can be acquired through many MBA courses. You can focus on environmental management as your primary major and pick up knowledge on how to reduce the carbon footprint, how to lower a business’s dependence on fossil fuel, and how to develop a greener, more renewable energy sources to sustain the business itself.

Aside from working for corporations directly, there are also companies that specialise in providing consultancy and environmental services to other companies. This means those with the right set of skills on environmental management now have more job opportunities to explore, not only in the country, but also around the world.

Project Management

The next crucial skill to master if you want to be seen as a valuable asset, is project management. Workflows within the company are basically small yet repetitive projects. Larger tasks are similarly managed, making project management more appreciated as a skill than ever before. Once again, a good MBA programme from a top name university will sharpen your project management skills.

Project management isn’t just about organising tasks and ensuring completion; it is also about keeping the project effective and efficient. As a project manager, you have to manage company resources and produce the desired outcome without basting them. At the same time, you also have to ensure conformity to the project timeline and project requirements.

Master project management, however, and there will be no task too difficult to handle. You know exactly how to organise the resources available, how to arrange for your team to operate optimally, and how to achieve your key objectives in a timely manner. It will not be long before you are seen as a valuable asset to the company.

Other Skills to Master

Hard skills are the easiest to master, mainly because they are taught in classes and are part of the MBA programme. You can learn social media marketing and big data analysis as easily as you can learn about branding and financial forecasting. These skills are as valuable as the ones we discussed earlier in this article.

You must not forget soft skills as well. Use the MBA course as an opportunity to sharpen your networking prowess and your ability to communicate. Take leadership courses and don’t hesitate to lead teams in completing course assignments. At the end of the course, you will have the skills and traits employers are looking for from MBA graduates. 

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