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Breaking Your Business Code by Automating

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Understandably, we can never underestimate the importance of our employees but this is only one piece of the puzzle. When we start to look at what our employees can achieve in terms of the business framework, we know that they need the best tools. And while people and tools working together can create an almighty sense of efficiency, sometimes this isn’t enough. This is why we’ve got to start making the most of automated processes. But the big problem that many businesses have, especially those smaller ones, is that they don’t have the opportunity to implement these processes due to time or budgetary constraints. But it’s a far better idea to think about the best type of processes that you can automate a right now. So what can you implement?

Invoice Processing

This is where the numerous cloud HR systems are truly coming into their own. An invoice is crucial because it needs to be processed for payment, but also make sure that you, as a company, are prepared for audits. Automated invoice processing doesn’t take long to implement; it could be done in the space of a day. And when you start to think about the numerous manual tasks that comprise of invoice processing, such as coding and matching, once you start to streamline all these, it makes life easier.

Customer Support

You might be thinking that customer support is a personal process that shouldn’t be automated but when you have limited resources to deal with each individual customer this is where chatbots and artificial intelligence systems can help to solve customer problems. From the perspective of an employee, it can reduce their time speaking to customers over the telephone, especially when they are irate. This means customer satisfaction can increase pretty quickly. There are numerous customer service automation platforms out there which gives you the opportunities to improve your operations across the board.

Social Media Management

Marketing is one of those areas that is automated by many companies but we have to remember that we’ve got to be careful in this practice. But there is one area that you can make your own. Because companies need to create such content across numerous platforms there has to be some type of automation to keep it in check. And these days, social media marketing is one of the first ports of call that businesses go to in order to automate their social media.

The Sales Process

The sales process isn’t just about acquiring leads it’s about the dull paperwork as well. And if you have a CRM system installed, those annoying administrative processes like filing and logging calls can take a lot of time. When you implement a digital workflow through various sales tools it gives the talent more opportunity to focus on selling the product rather than boring administrative tasks.

As far as automation is concerned there are so many processes that we can begin to implement across the board. But as a starting point, these four areas can help you to see the light. 

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