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3 Simple Steps to Online Success

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It doesn’t matter whether you are an accountant providing financial services to IT contractors or whether you are a crafty sort of guy honing your skills and selling your wares to earn a living, you always need to gain traction when it comes to becoming well known. You could have the finest product known to humankind but if no one knows about it, then what is the point? You need to craft your own digital marketing strategy alongside some promotional techniques to hone your online presence and develop an identity that fills your potential customer base with confidence. Take a look at these three simple steps that you can take to promote your business.

Public Relations

Many people see public relations through the eyes of the 1990s when parties and promotional events were vital to getting your business known. While these corporate events still have their place, PR has moved into the twenty first century welcoming all things tech and digital with open arms. Companies like Digital Score PR utilise new analytical tools to get to know a market niche in a more nuanced way, and then crafting better and more effective PR campaigns that can be conducted online. Whatever your goals are, whether they are to increase your follower numbers on social media, expand globally or increase core sales, a PR firm can help you to achieve this.

Trade Fairs

If you have never been to a trade show, now is the time to investigate them. A trade fair is often industry specific meaning that the attendees will be primed to gravitate towards your business. Your stall space may be tiny so you will need to make it stand out amongst a sea of industry rivals. Ensure that you have banners strewn across your stall space with your branding clear to see. Whip open a laptop with a rolling Powerpoint presentation to hook people in, enabling you to gain their attention. Talk with confidence and enthuse interested parties with your wares and services. Have discounts for purchases made there on the day and set up an email marketing list to follow up any potential interest. Give away some gimmicky merchandise and enjoy seeing your brand become more relevant and recognisable.

Social Media and Online Platforms

Being online is vital for every business in the twenty first century. As a new startup, you need to hit the ground running and be willing to put yourself out there. Ensure that you have a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account to converse with your potential customers. You can look at any industry and see the growth in their online presence and how it’s shaped their business.

Car sales for example have gone from slick salesman to online platforms like Autotrader or local selling groups. Betting has gone from just being your local smoked filled shop to a whole world of different games, all online like you’ll find at Casimba or other platforms. Millennials are using the internet like we never imagined. Get in on the actions.

Starting a business is scary, but it can be hugely fulfilling. Follow these three simple steps and you can promote your business successfully.

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