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Working from home after lockdown

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In the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, all sorts of businesses have had to get used to a new normal of working from home. At first, being able to take Zoom calls in your pyjamas, stay up late binge watching Netflix without a morning commute to manage, and only getting up to shuffle to the kitchen for more coffee had a strange kind of ‘snow day’ appeal. Over time, as the quarantine situation shows no signs of slowing, most of us have refined our habits and working processes to suit our new situation. And now, it’s looking increasingly like working from home is going to be much more integrated in our culture. A lot of workers, firms and small business owners are discovering the benefits of a remote working culture, and realizing that, with the right tools, it can work well for everyone.

The Benefits Of Home Working

Some businesses have traditionally been fairly resistant to home-based working, but in the wake of being forced into it by the Covid-19 situation, are realizing it actually benefits their organizations. The results of a two-year in depth study by Stanford University have shown that home based workers are actually more productive. On top of this, home-based workers generally rate themselves as happier and with a far better work life balance, meaning they are less likely to leave their employer – resulting in businesses avoiding the cost and hassle of lots of recruitment. It becomes a net benefit to employers and to workers. Not to mention the savings in terms of money in not having the overheads of a physical office, and the more eco-friendly nature of not having a commute. So we are highly likely to see a rising trend in more remote working practises even after the pandemic passes. 

Creating The Right IT Setup

What we’ve all realized over the past few months is that home working can be successful – but in order for that to happen, the tools and environment that we operate with are important. The development of things like video conferencing software with Zoom, collaborative working tools like Slack and Trello and cloud-based working are much needed in order to make it possible. If you need a better IT set-up, it’s a good idea to work with a specialist to create a custom technology eco-system that serves the needs of your business –  if you need a consultation, click here to visit office-tek.co.uk

Establishing Your Environment 

Your working environment also has to be set up for success. It’s important to try and create a separate space for working, so that you feel a divide between your day job and your home life. Try to set up a desk somewhere that you can benefit from natural light, where your computer and chair are set up ergonomically, and ideally with a few touches like houseplants to provide a natural air filter, and limited distractions and noise. Once you set up the right environment, working from home becomes much easier and you can enjoy all the benefits of this new way of life. 

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