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Top 3 On-Site Corporate Espionage Protection

You probably won’t believe it, that someone can enter into your office and steal valuable information. It’s just a little too ‘James Bond’ for many people’s liking. However, it’s far more common than you think it is. Large businesses have specific protections set in places because they have suffered an internal leak, caused by an employee or perhaps a visitor. On the surface, someone can look harmless, but there’s no way of knowing what it is they’re thinking. It’s better to be safe than sorry and this extends to putting in place some on-site protections against corporate espionage.

Coded security doors

You’ve seen password-protected security doors in many Hollywood movies and Netflix shows. They aren’t just there for show, they really are one of the ways corporations protect their most valuable assets. A digital combination locking system is by far the most common because it’s the ease of use is universal. You have very valuable documents on your computer and in your drawers, so this is a type of protection you should place on your door as the CEO. Your potentially most valuable work is being done in a lab or testing room, whereby new products are being developed and research is being done. These doors should also be placed in your testing facility. You can also put these security doors on your executive meeting rooms so only those who you want in the room may enter. 

Finding chinks in the armour

It’s quite common for business owners to not even know where their office is most vulnerable. You don’t think like a criminal or a spy, so how could you put yourself into their shoes? Well, you don’t have to because someone like OnSecurity is here to do that for you. They have a fantastic on-site testing scheme whereby they arrive at your office and test the internal infrastructure. They will see if brute force works, lockpicks, loopholes in the digital security system, your CCTV cameras and more. They will try to gain access to your restricted areas and physical IT entry-points. The Wi-Fi system will also be checked to see how, if at all, it can be broken into. These on-site penetration tests are simply invaluable. If someone tries to hack your Wi-Fi while sitting in the waiting room or even if an employee tries to, you will be alerted thanks to the measures the company will set in place for you.

Spying on spies

This is a very touchy subject for business owners but it has to be explored. If you think one of your employees is behaving strangely, such as asking for information that doesn’t concern them, trying to log into accounts that aren’t theirs or asking questions above their pay grade to their seniors, you should spy on them for a while. This isn’t to say you should violate their privacy, but ask one or more of your employees to keep an eye on them to see if they have been compromised by a competitor.

Corporate espionage sounds like something you would only see in some Hollywood flick. But the sad reality is, that it’s far more common than unsuspecting small business owners realise. 

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