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5 Smart Technologies To Improve Your Airbnb Property

A irbnb is now the most popular source to rent for short term or vacations. As a host, the marketplace is extremely competitive. Professional photographs and compelling copywriting can be advantageous when trying to attract new tenants. However, the features of the property are the most valuable attractions. 

Smart technology has seamlessly integrated into every aspect of our daily lives. An emerging trend over the last five years is the popularity of smart home devices. 

Smart home devices have advanced to the stage where they are very useful to homeowners. They can make your home more advanced and energy-efficient. Some of them are particularly beneficial to Airbnb hosts as they can help improve their property and enhance the rental service. 

If you’re an Airbnb host, consider investing in the following technologies to add a bit of spark to your property. 

Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels.

  1. Smart entertainment system

The home entertainment market today is full of amazing products. The system that you install will depend significantly on your budget. 

The best starting point is to set-up a smart assistant and control hub. This can be used to connect to all entertainment devices, and it allows you to build up a collection over time. 

The next step is to invest in smart speakers or a soundbar, a display monitor or smart TV, a projector, and a streaming device. 

With all of these features connected to one control hub, your Airbnb will be equipped with a fantastic home entertainment system. 

  1. Smart lighting

Smart lighting allows for the brightness of your bulbs to be set and adjusted via a mobile app. Changing your home lighting system to a smart alternative gives guests the power to set the mood that they’re most comfortable in. 

Smart bulbs are also longer lasting and more cost-efficient than incandescents. 

  1. Smart sensors

Smart sensors are subtle security measures that have several uses. They are particularly beneficial for Airbnb owners. 

They detect motion and can alert you if there is an unwanted movement when your property isn’t occupied. They have a temperature gauge, so you’ll be alerted if a heater or A/C has been left on. 

Smart sensors can also act as an Airbnb noise detector, letting you know if a party is getting out of hand, or if guests are burdening your neighbours. 

Finally, they don’t come with cameras, giving your tenants sufficient privacy. 

  1. Smart locks

These locks use smart technology to allow access to and from your property. They give you full control over who comes and goes and are very beneficial for property management. 

You can allow flexible check-in times by remotely unlocking the apartment for guests if you can’t physically be there. This also comes in handy if you are having cleaning, maintenance, or repair work done. 

Smart locks are a useful security measure for when the property doesn’t have guests, as you’ll be notified of any suspicious activity through your mobile app.

  1. Smart vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners have come a long way. They are now very effective at cleaning surfaces and could save you a lot of time and effort when preparing your Airbnb for guests. 

If you live far away from your property or are managing several residences, you will not regret investing in a smart vacuum cleaner.

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