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Dean Wood, Wigan – Golf Course Review

Playing any new course for the first time is difficult but when you’re playing an open with a dodgy wrist it’s even worse. Thankfully the course made it all worth while!

Turning up at the first, it wasn’t my back this time giving me shit it was my wrist that serious gave me the worst pain every shot. Enough about my excuses though and let me tell you about the course.

The front nine is serious uninteresting. There’s back to back par 5’s which is awesome to grab some shots back (one of them’s a shot hole for me too which I birdied!

Looking at the score card now, the front nine at 37 is really where you need to make up your shots. Fairly small short holes considering, flat lies and amazing greens to putt on makes it easier to score and you really need to get your points in.

Then you get onto the back nine!

The main picture where I missed the fairway (just a little) and had over 220 yards in to the green. You gotta hit the fairway which was tighter than you’d like.

It really set up a tough back 9 for me not being able to hit the ball properly with my wrist, I wasn’t able to get off the tee and missing the fairways punished me.

If it wasn’t narrow tree lined fairways, it was well placed streams and elevated holes to really punish shots too short, wide or long (if you ever go long!)

I didn’t take too many photos playing in the open and all however after playing a par 3 of nearly 200 yards carry, up hill, with drop offs as you can see from the pic below, there’s another one following up!

Despite the injury, I actually played ok considering. It was tough to hit irons out of the rough and I really SH**KED some shots from the middle of the fairway where I actually hit the drives ok.

Out of the pals I played with, I think I got the most points and the players from my previous club had scored 30 tops. So I’ll take that considering.

I really enjoyed Dean Wood, for a one off game it’s a must play for me. I couldn’t play there everyweek as the slopes and hills would ruin my back, not that it’s not ruined so far.

A top course and it also looked like an amazing club house with a snooker table and Clarkes golf shop on site!

Dean Wood Golf Club, Skelmersdale - Golf Course Review

Dean Wood Golf Club, Skelmersdale - Golf Course Review
4 5 0 1
Playing a golf course around the corner from my house that had amazing greens but big hills to match!
Playing a golf course around the corner from my house that had amazing greens but big hills to match!
Total Score
    5/5 Amazing
    Couldn't fault the course at all. Condition was amazing and the green surrounds were like carpet especially considering the rain we'd had the week before.
    3/5 Neutral
    At £30 a round, you'll feel as little overpriced if you just played the front nine. I'm unsure if they've got buggies but the definitely had electric trolleys for hire.
    3/5 Neutral
    Front nine is not difficult at all and back nine is very difficult. As the greens are great, as long as you can chip and putt, you'll be able to score well.
    3/5 Neutral
    Again, a course of two nines. Front really does have some good holes but very up and down. Back nine, WOW!
    5/5 Amazing
    Quality pint and the clubhouse that has a lot of members, heritage and tradition (from the pictures), snooker table and a good pint of beer too with good prices.
    3/5 Neutral
    Quality of the greens & surrounds with some Instagram worthy back nine shots give this three additional points.

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