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Getting Your Restaurant Through 2020

The curse of 2020 seems to be showing no signs of slowing or showing any mercy across the board. With the numbers of new benefits claimants being in the hundreds of thousands, it goes without saying that small businesses and bigger brand name stores are feeling the effects of the restrictions placed on businesses back in March.

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While support packages have been designed to help keep viable businesses afloat, getting customers back in the door and generating enough of an income to keep trading requires a degree of creativity and a willingness to change how you work to meet demand and circumnavigate current restrictions.

One particular sector that has felt the blow quite deeply is the food and entertainment sector. Running a restaurant business was tricky itself before limitations on how many people can be in the building and implementing safety measures to protect staff and clientele.

Adapting Your Restaurant in 2020

Fresh look

This might not be the most obvious or even affordable way to adapt your business given the current climate. But there is no telling how long current measures will last for or if they will end. Investing in new restaurant furniture to meet the current rules and regulations can help to attract customers who want to dine in a COVID secure space feeling confident the business is doing all it can to stay afloat and keep to current guidelines.

Dine out not In

The takeaway business is currently booming all over the country. If you’re not currently set up for takeout business, then adapting how you work to accommodate this could help keep you going. Redistributing staff if possible or hiring dedicated delivery drivers and equipment to allow for food collection and deliveries will help you to target a growing market and reach people who may not have otherwise frequented your premises.


You always need to know what your competitors are doing and how they are performing no matter the climate. But when times are uncertain, being in the know concerning their trading and marketing efforts is vital to help you adapt and meet demand. What are they doing that is working? Is there a buzz on social media about their restaurant/eatery? If so, what are people saying and how can you get a piece of the action. Being left behind means losing business, and that is something no business can afford.

Be Flexible

Be open to any ideas. You need to be creative to help your business keep going and get people through the doors. Get on social media and up your game when it comes to self-promotion. Blow your own horn and tell people why they need to make the trip to eat with you.

Don’t discount offers. No one likes to lose money but offering special set menus for a reduced cost, half-price deals etc. can help get people in to eat with you. Expand on your drink offerings to help bring the money in and find new ways of serving your customers that are appealing enough to make people book a table and also bring money into your restaurant.

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