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What A C-Suite Dining Office Should Look Like

Every single large corporation has a C-suite dining room. They have this special room for a very good reason. Very often, after intense meetings or even before important meetings, the boss will call a meeting or dinner appointment. Sometimes the food will be brought in by a catering company or will be made in-house, i.e. by the corporation’s own chefs or the chef’s in a high-rise office building that offers this service. In the room, fine dining shall be enjoyed but other important points shall be discussed. It’s also very valuable for the camaraderie aspect. Eating together before or after going into battle, is something every boss would like to have with his or her best team.


The executive dining room

This kind of room used to be very commonplace in the 90s and early 2000s. But with many office buildings becoming more expensive, this room has been used for extra space and not dining. So you may be wondering what an executive dining room even looks like? The number one piece of furniture you need is a dining table. Preferably, these types of glass tables that are made from tempered sheets of glass, allowing the table to be very thin. The thinner the table the more stylish it looks in a corporate setting. The dining table should be round if you can get it, as a round table is more diplomatic, with your executive staff not feeling as if they have to get close to you to feel more equal or superior to their colleagues. Yes, this kind of rivalry does happen!

Leather is golden

Unlike any other dining room in the world, leather seating is by far the most appropriate choice. This is because leather executive chairs are the most common feature in any office. Therefore, making the transition to a leather dining chair just feels so natural. The only thing is, you have to be more inspired and creative in your dining chair designs and style. Some of the options are the galleria Oliva style. Chic and simple, the minimalist design is just what a corporate room needs. The brown tan color is just sublime and would go well with a neutral room. 

A custom branded light

Lamps are very popular for executive dining tables because they offer personal lighting for each member around the table. A corporate dining lamp that is branded with your logo, perhaps a slogan that you really like, would be brilliant for your glass dining table. These can also be placed around the room to add to the overall look. It feels more exclusive, looks more tantalizing and it’s great for dining in low-level lighting. When you have been working for long hours, dining in a dim-lit room is just what is needed with your close team.

When you have your very own dining room at the office, you can share some great nights with your executive team. What kind of style would you like to have if you were to design your own executive dining room? 

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