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5 Unique Valentines Gifts

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You’ve only just got through Christmas, and then in a flash, you need to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. The February day might be a little different this year with less chance of going out to the cinema or for a lavish meal. So, a little extra thought on the gift might be worthwhile and will help to earn you some brilliant brownie points. Here are some unique gift ideas that will put a smile on your loved one’s face. 


Buying someone memorabilia shows you care in a variety of ways. Firstly, it shows you know them well enough to know their interests; secondly, you listen to them and want to share in their nostalgic memories; And finally, a unique one of a kind keepsake demonstrates how much you are willing to go the extra mile for them. Try to think about the type of gift your partner will love. If they have a favorite movie or book then that is a good place to start. Another splendid idea is to buy signed football shirts. Football shirts will have a lot of emotional attachment as a true fan will have a favorite team they have followed since childhood and a player that they idolized. 

Personalized Drinks

If your loved one has a favorite tipple, such as a particular brand of beer or wine from a specific vineyard, then look on the brand website and see if you can get a personalized label made. Some companies may give you the option to engrave the bottle to make it even more special. If the drink is niche and from a small brewery, distiller, or vineyard, then approach the company and ask if there is anything special they could do. You could offer to promote the gift through social media channels, as a way to generate good news stories for them. Many small businesses might be open to this kind of promotional activity. 

A Racing Car Session

If your partner is a thrill-seeker, then a spin around a race track might be a fun way to spend your valentines. If you are competitive you may enjoy seeing who can get the fastest lap. Many tracks offer an opportunity to drive your favorite supercar with guidance and tutorials. 

A Reel Viewer

Childhood memories of toys and games often bring a smile to many people’s faces. A reel viewer was one of those red plastic toys that looked a little like binoculars. You would place a small round disk into the top, and you used the viewer to click through brilliantly vivid images of cartoons or wildlife. Now, companies are offering to create a reel from your own photographs. This is a fun and romantic way to relive some great holidays or present significant moments in a unique format. 

A Star Map 

If you have a particular date that stands out, like your wedding day or the day you first kissed, you could commission a star map. A star map is drawn to reflect how the stars would have looked in the night sky on that specific date in the location you were in. A star map is a romantic way to commemorate that one special date forever. 

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