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How can Retailers Innovate?

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Struggling to get customers into your store? The following guide may be able to help. Below are four ways in which you can increase footfall in your store

Make your store exterior more enticing

If you want to attract passers-by into your shop, an enticing store exterior is a must. There are lots of ways to draw people’s attention to your shopfront:

  • Firstly, consider adding some eye-catching signage. This could include signage above your shop window and pavement signage.
  • Next, consider your shop window display. Make this a place for advertising your best deals and your most unique products (these are the things that will grab people’s attention). You could also consider using props and mannequins.
  • Don’t be afraid to refresh your signage or update your shop window once in a while. If your shop stays the same for too long, people may stop noticing it. 

There are interior/exterior design companies that specialize in retail. It could be worth hiring these companies to help you create an appealing shop window or striking signage. 

Build your online presence

You may be able to increase footfall by improving your online presence. This could help customers to discover you online. There are lots of ways to build an online presence for your store:

  • Start by building a website. Every business can benefit from having a website.
  • Invest in local SEO. This will help customers searching for your service to find you on Google. It could also be worth setting up a Google My Business account so that you appear on Google Maps.
  • Promote your store on social media. By boosting posts on Facebook and promoting ads on Twitter, you may be able to connect to potential local customers. 

There are other ways to build an online presence including creating internet ads and videos. A digital marketing agency will likely be able to help you build an online presence. 

Introduce incentives to get customers returning

It’s not just new customers that you should focus on attracting, but also old customers. Think about ways in which you can get customers entering your store to visit you again. 

This could include setting up a loyalty scheme that allows customers to collect points every time they shop, eventually getting access to discounts. You could also set up a mailing list for customers to join – this could be used to send customers news on deals and new products. 

Know when to move location

A lack of footfall can sometimes be down to a poor location. If your shop is located out of town, customers may not know that it exists. In other cases, it’s possible that there may simply not be a large enough audience locally for your product. While it may cost you more to move to a busier or trendier area, it could be the action that is needed to increase footfall. Relocating your store is a big step to take – make sure that you’ve tried out all the other measures first.

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