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Garden Rooms – Not Your Average Office Space

Garden rooms are completely transforming the way both men and women across the globe think and work from their own office space, and for many positive reasons.

It doesn’t matter if people use these small outdoor spaces for their actual full-time job, a part-time ‘side hustle’, use it for their own projects (think arts or crafts), or even as a quiet space for fitness related activities.

The reality is, garden rooms used as an office space (also called “garden office”) are not only the future of the modern home office and workspace, but they’re also here to stay as well.

According to data from the Office of National Statistics, the number of people who started working strictly from home doubled in the 10 years between 2008 and 2018. In the UK alone, numbers rose from 884,000 to 1,542,000.

And to add to those statistics, the number of people who worked from home (but in a different building) and those who worked remotely in their home also increased as well.

With this kind of continued rise in the number of people who are working from home (as well as those who are becoming self-employed) comes the greater need for distraction-free office spaces. This is exactly why the growing demand and need for garden rooms are not only skyrocketing, but they’re also exploding in popularity within the UK and abroad.

So, what actually is a garden room? What makes it so useful and beneficial? And why do they work so well as an independent office space?

In this article we’re going to cover in great detail what outdoor garden rooms actually are, as well as 3 big reasons why they work perfectly as the new modern home office.

What Exactly Are Garden Rooms + What Options Are Currently Available?

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Garden rooms are small physical spaces or buildings typically constructed out of wood and metal. They get their name “garden room” because of where they are usually placed – in the backyard or garden area.

Garden rooms can be completely custom designed from the ground up and fully tailored to one’s own specifications (bespoke garden buildings). Many garden room construction companies also offer pre-designed options as well which saves on overall costs.

Most garden rooms come fully insulated, contain indoor and outdoor electrical sockets and lighting, and of course – beautiful windows and doors. What makes these little buildings so great for an office space is the amount of flexibility and the wide variety of options available when it comes to the overall size, shape, design and internal/external features.

When you decide to invest in your own garden room for your own home office space, the sky really is the limit as to how much you can spend. You can go with a very simple, pre-made layout to keep costs low – or go all in on premium materials and a fully bespoke design.

Now that we’ve covered what outdoor garden rooms actually are, let’s dive into why they work so well when they’re used as an outdoor office space…

3 Big Reasons Why Garden Rooms Make The Perfect Home Office Space

* REASON #1: Separating Home & Work Life

If you do any sort of work from your own home office, then you already know that distractions are inevitable. Depending on your living situation, these distractions can include random interruptions from your own family, pets or even the next-door neighbour. Other distractions can include the ease of being able to skip office work and watch the latest breaking news, the temptation to grab a snack in the kitchen, or even get side-tracked into doing other random tasks or miscellaneous projects.

One of the biggest advantages and key benefits of having your own garden room as a home office is the opportunity to can create the much-needed separation between home and work life. When you can create this divisive separation, it can greatly help you decrease the number of distractions that can pull you away from your work. This can not only help greatly boost your own ability to concentrate, but it can also lead to increased productivity levels as well.

And the best part of all, once your work is complete, you can lock up your garden room as if it were a distant work office and leave everything behind for the next day. When you have your home office within your own home, it’s very easy to get pulled back into work when you really should be focusing on your free time. A garden rooms helps eliminate this temptation.

* REASON #2: The Liberating Power of Silence

Another big reason why an outdoor garden room can be ideal for an office space is the isolation. With isolation and separation from your own home comes the liberating power of silence. Why is this liberating? Because silence allows you to concentrate, to think clearly, and to work without the distraction of random noises that can rob you of your brainpower and energy.

When you can hole yourself away in your own garden room office, and away from family or other distractions (like TV, phones, pets, etc.) – you’ll create a very productive space and environment that’s highly conducive to getting your work completed in peace. Once you experience this kind of liberation and silence, you’ll quickly realize just how beneficial it can be to getting things done, and with less mental or physical energy.

* REASON #3: The Benefits of Extra Space & Privacy

And last but not least, a garden room that’s used as an office space simply gives you more space that you can fully dedicate to your own work or business. As you probably already know, most home offices become a magnet for non-work-related objects, etc. This can lead to excessive clutter and even more distractions that can make work much more difficult.

Along with this extra space comes extra privacy as well. This kind of privacy can include not only the ability to work on sensitive work tasks, but it’ll also allows for private in-person, 1-on-1 work meetings or consultations, or even work-related phone or ZOOM calls.

Now instead of taking calls or meetings in your home office with the threat of random (and very stressful) distractions or interruptions, you can rest a lot easier knowing that everything will go much smoother for you thanks to your own dedicated garden room office.

As you can now see, investing in your own garden room that’s to be used as an office space makes a lot of sense and offers several huge benefits. Plus, the feeling of having your own little workspace steeped in the beauty of nature (aka not your typical sterile office), can do wonders for your own productivity and sanity.

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