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How to create the perfect home garage

Listen up car enthusiasts – if you are lucky enough to have a project car and a bit of space, creating the perfect home garage is essential. But what constitutes the ideal set-up? Let’s run through the basics.

A car lift

Working on your car without a car lift is of course possible, but a car lift certainly makes tinkering away on the underside of your vehicle so much easier. It gives you around three extra feet underneath to safely work with, providing greater visibility and movement. Yes, it’s an expensive bit of kit but you’ll get your money’s worth in no time. 

Plus, most car lifts these days are designed to fit snugly into the average home garage. You can even use a car lift as a way to store an additional car without taking up too much space, meaning that you can add to your collection. Opt for a four post car lift, two post car lift or scissor lift.

A chill out space

If you are going to spend a lot of time in your home garage maintaining and working on your car/s, you’ll need it to be a comfortable space that you can take some time out in. Maybe throw down some bean bags – they don’t take up too much room and can be stored on top of each other when not in use to free up some space. 

You could also install a mini fridge and fill it with your favourite drinks and snacks. That way, when your friends visit to check out your work, you can offer out refreshments and be a great host.

Plenty of storage

Tidy garage, tidy mind! Don’t let your gear and gadgets pile up and create mountains of mess. It’ll just make working in your home garage more difficult and frustrating when you can’t find the tools that you are looking for.

There are plenty of awesome garage storage solutions on the market, such as stand-up units with shelves for boxes. You could also invest in a pegboard to utilise wall space and provide an organised storage space that not only displays your tools, but makes them easy to reach for.

Once you’ve built the right environment to work on your next project and store your collection of tools and gadgets, you’ll never want to leave! And why should you? Happy tinkering!

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