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The Mrs is Away, Just Beth, Me and the Rest of the World

This is one from the past as I used to write a little bit! While Beth’s 13 now, time together is still just as precious. We’ll what can I say, it was a bit of a suprise that @VintageFolly was away for a night, a habitual house dweller who loves her own house. After an invite to Manchester with a friend she took it and let me know about a week ago. Well I forgot and was reminded this morning. All I knew was that Bethany (Our 9 year old) was finishing school at 3:30pm and I had some work to do in our new Liquid Press Shop in Manchester Road, Preston. So after standing there for 20minutes in the freezing cold, and howling winds, Bethany comes out late due to over zealous teachers and we jump in the motor. Now I’ve made my mind up that we have to go back to the shop and then we’ll do food after. It was up to Bethany to decide where we eat and the rest was simply a choice. When we arrived at the shop I got a new T-Shirt for Beth and she looked great. Now it didn’t go with the rest of the outfit, especially when I gave her some jogging bottoms and you could just see her small high heels at the bottom. I remember that she doesn’t have trainers and I like shopping! So off we went to get some trainers. It all spiraled out of control from there. We arrived in Deepdale Retail Park, Preston and the sights of JJB were shining through the night sky. On arrival we shot to the trainer section and picked out some awesome pink and white running trainers. She then looked a bit bare, and she has a really nice and smart winter coat. However, smart, schmart! Lets get her a cool winter coat. We found an awesome longer black puma jacket with a hood, loads of padding, long length in the arms and to finish a pink puma logo! We were sold. On the way to the till we spotted a funky Heidi looking hat with a bobble and two pull chords at the side. Another WIN! After arriving at the till and paying, she jumped up and down with excitement as I got them all out of the bag and she wore them there and then. I now had the buzz! I love books. SOOOOO Much. I read whenever I can. So we hit up WH Smiths and went a bit crazy. It all started when we both spotted the shine of the 2012 Gunniess Book of Records, then Steve Job’s Autobiography, then the new Tom Clancy Locked On book. (I swear I have all the other books ever written by Tom Clancy) This was job done and we left as soon as possible. As we drove around for a long time looking for somewhere to eat Beth wanted to eat at Tiggis in Preston Town Centre. The deal was this! If we drove back into the town centre, I was allowed to shop at Primark. Agreed. I bought myself a few things in Primark including a very warm jacket. Now I wear a Barbour International a new 2011 AW collection, but this looked so warm that I had to buy. It even had a hood! A few more purchases including some bed slippers for my two lovely ladies and a new warm hat. After leaving and arriving at Tiggis we were told they were full and it would be at least 20minutes before we could be seated. FAIL! So we left town to head back towards our home. On the way we saw Pizza Hut! That was it, we were settled with Pizza and Ice Cream factory. As we parked up I saw the Virgin Gym that I wanted to visit and went in to get some information. I was very happy with the prices and also their creiche/jungle gym facilites should Beth want to go. We then went to Pizza Hut. After Garlic Bread, Salad Bowls, and 2 slices of Pizza, it was decided that we would watch a film. Tintin was just starting as the very slow and overtly gay attendant was getting the bill. So we had a look and there was In Time with Justin Timberlake in (See Reviews for a Review). This however was a 12A and Beth is 9. After a long and thoughfull decision, we would go to see it. Now I wasn’t too sure at the start if it was a good idea. There would be swearing, possibility nudity and shooting. Now we definetly do not condone any of those, and really do vet what shes sees and hears. This was a film that not we let her see, if anything i’ve taken her to see. The pros outweighed the cons and I felt that she would learn a lot from this. This is one of the first films that wouldn’t all be happy and cheerfull. There would be a hidden meaning and storyline behind the film. There would be characters that had pasts and things would have to be worked out as the film went along. So throughout the swearing and shooting/violence she would either just be shocked about that or actually think about the film. I was so happy I took her. It felt like a major moment then. I decided that we watched the film as I was the parent in charge, and she loved it, we were talking about it after and relating it to normal days events. This was amazing, the film used time instead of money and she was talking about the relation to real world money. So this was an amazing night and experience for us both, and I wanted to share it with the world. Well just you right now will do. x @PhillPalmer]]>

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