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What do you Buy your Indie Music Loving Teenager?

If like me you’ve got a 14 going on 25 year old daughter who loves the Kooks more than you do what do you buy them? It’s been an ongoing theme in our house and it’s normally make up, overpriced trainers or a day at the theater (especially if it’s Greenday’s show). It can’t be easy being a teenager, you’re living in a world where music is so throw away with artists (are they still artists?) appearing and disappearing quicker than Kim K’s clothes in front of a camera. TV is full of crap and those popular songs that you hear all the time, you hear all the time! Breakfast cereal, same song, car advert, same song. Is there no way to enjoy songs without commercialising them? Will we still worship David Bowie over modern day artists in 30 years time? Probably and it’ll be testament to the nature of how we digested music and the people we were with rather than the actual songs. So as you see it can be difficult and through nurturing of our own and the steady progression with their love of music the bands they love now are bands that we loved as teenagers. Sum41, Kooks, Wombats, Red Hot ChilliPeppers and Greenday just to name a few. I was actually asked how I knew the words to one of ChilliPeppers songs the other day? Erm I was a kid too you know. This march towards 1990-2000s bands has led to a resurgance in the style of clothing and trainers that come with it. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a gig but have you seen the prices of band T-Shirts? Ridiclous but you buy them to say you were there. Beth now has a Stone Roses – Etihad 2016 and Kooks – Albert Hall 2016 T-Shirt. She’s officially cooler than us 🙁 The only other place that I’ve managed to buy decent T-Shirts is from Primark when they’ve got a specific band range in or from HMV. Yep HMV that’s right. Remember the shop that is now an online shop? I used to go in there on a daily basis listening to the music in massive headphones and wondering what the large round plastic things were that looked like bigger CDs. They’re also doing cracking offers on the T-Shirts too. I feel like I’ve now found an alternative to the same old tickets and trainers rollercoaster. Who wouldn’t love an AC/DC T-Shirt. AC/DC CANON SWIG VINTAGE Unisex T-Shirt: Grey (Image 1) So take a minute to think of us poor parents, spending all the time looking for suitable presents when all we needed to do was have a look online. And for those of you that got the extra large CD reference, they’ve got you covered too. ]]>

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