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So who am I!

Well hello and welcome to the Blog. I’m Phill and after a number of previous blogging adventures I’ve never felt that interesting! There I said it. Content for me was hard thought and pushed rather than the free flowing day to day life of me and the loved ones around me. That isn’t to say that my life was boring however I just didn’t have the time to vocalise it without sounding smug on the good days or not in a mood to write on a bad day. However, things have changed. I’m now very much on the corporate ladder, my step daughter has turned 13, my wife is now my wife of 3 1/2 years and we’re expecting our first baby together thanks to the wonders of IVF. So you can see where our very much normal/steady life has been turned upside down and back again and I’ll have to make sure I write it all down! So my first few posts will be a catch up of what’s been going on so far. If you’ve read this. Thank you.]]>