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Post Male Labour Trauma – 5 Months On

IMG_1851It’s amazing how quick time goes isn’t it! 5 Months ago Mrs P was going one of the most painful and emotional things I’ve ever encountered in my whole life! I’ve spoken to new dads after and we all kinda felt the same. TRAUMATISED! Now it’s hard to explain to someone that hasn’t been through the process but I’ll bullet point it to take a bit of the emotion out of it:

  • Your love one is going to scream, like painful scream!
  • She’s going to beg for you to make it stop
  • There’s going to be a point where you can’t stop pushing and they will look like they can’t carry on pushing.
  • You’ll need the strength of a tree to support everything they’ve got and more after lots of hours of no sleep and proper food.
  • You’ve never known exhaustion like it.
  • Don’t faint!
  • Trust your wife! If she says it’s coming and the nurse refuses to believe, it’s your partner who’s having her inside push this bundle of joy out. Take action.
  • Prepare yourself for one of the most emotional times of your life!
  • Stay strong and tell your loved one what makes her so special.
It’s an amazing time of your life, enjoy every moment of it and remember it’s what you all signed up for.   P.s. I will post a full breakdown of the day, once I finally get over the trauma. P.s Women are amazing, all of this above is nothing compared to what goes on!     View in Instagram ⇒]]>