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Don't be an idiot in the workplace! Stay safe and get home to your family

Every employer knows of the responsibility they have to provide a safe and healthy workplace for their employees. But too many think that those responsibilities are restricted to the office they work in, alone. That’s not the case. If it’s your property of it leads to your property, you have to make it safe for your staff. Otherwise, you could be in a world of trouble. In the office The office shouldn’t be your sole concern, but it’s important to start there. That’s where your people will spend most of their working day and it’s where the most accidents can happen. The best employers always have someone on the lookout for risks. From cluttered and messy floors to fire and electrical hazards. Consider assigning the duties of a safety supervisor. Make sure that safety guidelines are accessible, perhaps even posted on the wall. Then make your safety training mandatory for all employees. In the environment The work environment is something we’ll consider slightly different from the risks encountered in the office. We’re talking about the little conditions that can build up to real health problems. For example, a lack of mobility and the use of poor quality office chairs can lead to serious risk of repetitive strain injury. Ergonomic office furniture and standing desks can help your employees avoid those risks. Proper lighting, using both natural lighting and desk lamps fight eyestrain and stress. Well-maintained ventilation is just as important for improving air quality, reducing the risk to people with respiratory conditions. In the car park If your business has a car park, you would do well to ensure that you’re making it as safe as it can be. Both your employees and you can suffer from parking accidents. Using additions like flexible bollards, you can seriously decrease the amount of damage done by poor parking from your employees. You should consider their security as well. Keep the park well-lit at night and use CCTV to deter any potential unauthorised visitors who might see it as a prime spot for criminal opportunities. Outside the workplace There are a few places outside the workplace you need to be just as dedicated to keeping your employees safe. For example, at the entrance or pavement leading up to it, you have to do some maintenance in adverse winter conditions to make sure the ground is safe to walk on. Providing salt grit bins in the winter, for instance, will reduce their risks of slips, trips and falls. If you have trees at your workplace, you also have to consider them as a potential risk in severe winds. Consider using the services of someone like an arboriculturulist to tidy up the trees and make sure there’s no danger of branches or trees falling. This might sound like it’s only adding more responsibility to your plate. But it benefits everyone that an employer cares for the safety of their employees even outside of their responsibility. Showing your staff you care for their safety is a great way of letting them know that they are truly valued.]]>

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