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Day Out at Swan Lake – Southport

Ok I’m not sure it’s actually called Swan Lake but when you see the pictures you’ll realise why I think it should be called that. So it’s Bank Holiday Monday, we’re all at home and the weather is fantastic! What better way to spend it than on a Swan Pedallo on a man made lake. A bit like Freddie Flintoff on an England Tour. Day Out at Swan Lake - Southport   I just want to point out that’s not us in the Swan, we’re far too fast and speeding ahead at the time 🙂 After parking in Morrisons (3 hours max) and treating ourselves to a cheeky salad (pie) we rock up to the lake and they kindly look after our pram and put it under a shelter to keep it out from the sun. After waiting for a family of four to exit a floating swan, less swan lake more swan vesta-esq. We get ready at the water’s edge thinking should we have got life jackets? Turns out it’s only 4 ft deep so at 6ft 3, I think I’m all good and I’m also happy to jump in and save the family! This was a full family event, Beth, Dorothy, Mrs P and I all in the same Swan (Beth and I the engine at the front) ready to speed past these amateur families! Olympic Swan Pedalo Racing Team You see we’re the Olympic Swan Pedalo Racing Team! haha for 30 minutes anyway. It was great to spend time with Beth, at 13 nearly 14, she’s happy with her friends and we’re uncool. But we’re not actually and she always has a laugh when we all get together. Olympic Swan Pedalo Racing Team We even managed to get some pictures with the elusive teenager! She hides away from a camera more than that spider that was on my leg while driving in Florida. I swear it was there. Olympic Swan Pedalo Racing Team Dorothy loved being on the water and while in the carrier, and not pedalling, she was more than happy to smile and enjoy the experience even though she had more sun cream than the British Beach Volleyball team. Love Time with my BabyIt was an overall great day, there was a lake and somewhere to eat, drink and laugh! It was very cheap at £10 for 30 minutes and we even walked through Pleasure Land to grab some candy floss and ice creams. A great day was had by all and we even got back to the car well in time for the Morrison’s 3 hour limit 😉    ]]>


  1. Sarahjane Reply

    Oh wow! This looks a delightful day out! The lake looks beautiful! Curse my fear of water but I’m sure I can admire from the shore

  2. Laura Haley Reply

    Southport is on my list of places to visit soon, I’ll definitely go and have a bit of time on a swan!

  3. Amy Reply

    Looks like so much fun – those swan boats are funny! I’d love to do this with my family 🙂

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