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Dads take on the World

It was a warm Saturday morning and without hesitation, my fellow Dad and I took on the world! img_5783 Ok rather a dramatic opening there so let me explain. Dorothy is an early bird and this particular Saturday morning was no different to the rest. Wide awake at 6-7 o clock, the exact time is unknown. Our previous routine involves a wiz round Asda in a baby trolley and back home. Gave me some alone time and Mrs P much needed rest after a hard week of 100% devotion. But my friends, this Saturday was oh so much different. img_5787After asking Mark to join me, we ventured out into Haigh Hall, prams loaded, but we weren’t ready for what was about to happen. img_5785 I never realised two blokes pushing two prams could be so tiring, fun and also be so talked about. We were stopped literally ever two minutes. The funniest was when we went into the courtyard cafe at Haigh Hall and was given a rousing reception by Doris and Ernie (I imagine they’re called that) and how amazing it was to see dads doing some work. “If only you’d do the dishes as well!” Doris exclaimed as we strolled past on our way to a quick pie. img_5788It was a shame that she made this comment and it wasn’t a funny one but quite bitter. I then remembered that Doris was from an era that treated women as the full time parents and had twisted social stereotypes. They probably also sniffed too much lead-based paint for their own good. It felt liberating to be talked about , almost like we were making a difference. Because being a dad isn’t babysitting. Anyway, I digress. Having the new quinny meant trying to push the urban assault pram up and over every obstacle I could find. We managed to clock up over 3 miles. It was a great experience to have a fellow dad with me and just chill out and discuss some of the pressures that we’re under, how the kids are developing and where we see things going. The time flew by and on walking back we finally got them both to sleep after a quick feed and the gentle rocking as we clambered over uneven ground. I had a great day and we were urged to get home as Mrs P missed us lots. So it was a win-win, time together and well deserved rest time for the hard working mummy of 2. We were all happy. img_5789]]>


  1. Martin Lee Reply

    Good read. Can’t belive Dorms though! Unfortunately there are many people not of her generation who are shocked to see fathers out with their children!

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