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I'm Scared of Getting Old

I took a few pictures today and I look tired and old. I’m not going to lie. Looking back to a more tighter skinned time in my life, getting old was 30+ and now that I’ve passed the double 3s am I getting old? They say having a baby ages you and I can confirm that’s true. Also believe that a diet consisting of pies, pasties, pizza and every else good with a like Dr Pepper, is not good for the skin. From an early age I’ve alway tried to moisturise as I had dry eczema bad until I was 20 and quickly found the power of E45 and other beauty products. So what am I scared of really and what can I do? Getting old means everything around me is getting older. Family members, loved ones and children. But I suppose it also means that tree I bought my step daughter as a present is gradually growing and becoming more mature or the lawn that I seeded when we bought our house is now ready for it’s 10th cut. It’s important to make this transition into middle age positively. If you can do this, then you’ll be able to conquer your crisis. Thinking about what I can do to make these positive changes here’s a small list: Recapture My Youth (In the Right Way) One of the big mistakes a lot of dads make following a midlife crisis is an attempt to recapture their youth. This is all well and good, and it’s a natural thing to want to do. But, you need to make sure you do this in the right way. Going out and buying a sports car is not the right way to go about it! I think I’d like to do something like go through old movies, get an old console or something that gives me fond memories like the Grinch that Stole Christmas. Or another Motorbike 🙂   Look at your Corporate Life A common theme among men suffering from a midlife crisis is to quit their job. And this is fine; there’s nothing wrong with jacking your job in, provided you have something lined up. Working in Recruitment it’s amazing how many people hated their job for a long time because we’re too scared to make changes. So it’s fine to do this provided you have a new job lined up. If you’ve worked in an office all your life try a driving instructor job or if you enjoy planting, gardening jobs. Basically, anything that is a change from what you have been doing, or that is a passion of yours. Make sure you have something lined up before you actually resign. Make sure you aren’t impulsive with this sort of thing as this can lead to financial difficulty and relationship problems. Appreciate your Loved Ones You choose a partner and make commitments through Love. Tackle the crisis together as one. Having a date night each month can have a really positive impact on your relationship, and will certainly make you feel more youthful. Remember, it’s important to make sure you deal with your midlife crisis in the right way. This means avoiding making rash and impulsive decisions in your life. Try to deal with things in a sensible way and make decisions that will be good for your life. Off to look at some bikes 🙂  ]]>


  1. Emma Bee Reply

    it is scary growing older, I am late forties and yeah, the thought of hitting the big 50 really scares me, but as you say, half of it is the right positive attitiude and try to deal with it in a rational way, but lets face it, NOTHING can stop us getting older 🙁 ( Julie Wright)

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