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How to Entertain the Kids at the Weekend

It’s a challenge to entertain the kids at the weekend. They can get bored easily and start becoming irritable if they have nothing to do. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get out and about with them to keep them occupied for a few hours. We’re so lucky that Mrs P and I have a great imagination for new adventures and choosing really random things. However, a lot of dads are unsure of where to take the kids for the day. Therefore, here are a few fun things for dads to take the kids to do this Saturday!   Go to the movies to watch a flick Although it can often break the bank (£10 for an adult’s ticket!), the cinema is a great way to keep the kids busy this weekend. They will love getting to watch a new movie on the big screen while they chomp away on some tasty treats. And there are some excellent films on at the moment for children. Storks looks like a fun movie which the kids will love, while Trolls also looks perfect for all ages.   Head to a Trampoline Park You wouldn’t think of trampolining as an activity you would do on a Saturday. But there has been a surge of indoor trampoline parks opening across the country. They are a lot of fun for the whole family, and it will leave the kids worn out at the end of the session. The indoor trampoline parks have wall-to-wall trampolines which will keep them busy. You can enjoy a coffee while they are having a fun time at the park. You can look online to find your local Trampoline Park.   Take them for some ice skating If you fancy doing something as a whole family, ice skating should be on your radar. Dads can get on the ice and help their kids skate. It’s a lot of fun for children, and they soon will become experts at skating around the rink! It will tire them out so that you can have a restful Saturday night. Just make sure they are all covered up so that they don’t get hurt if they fall when skating!   Head to a theme park for the day We’re so lucky in the UK to have several theme parks which are great for the whole family. Places like Alton Towers have rides which are suitable for little ones. And big roller coasters which are ideal for adrenaline seekers. Therefore, for a fun day out this Saturday, you should take the kids to a theme park. It will keep them occupied for the whole day. And once you have paid to get in, you won’t have to worry about paying more for them to go on each ride!     Go to the City for a day of sightseeing Being a Londoner, I love London, once or twice a year 🙂 But theres so many things to do in London. They can head to museums such as the National History Museum which will provide them with a fun and educational visit. And you can take them around the iconic landmarks such as the London Eye and Buckingham Palace. Therefore, it’s worth heading to the capital for a fun day out this Saturday. Here is a full list of great things for kids to do in London so that you can plan the day before you get there!   Hopefully, they will have an unforgettable day this Saturday!]]>

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