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What's on my bucket list

If you really know me, you’ll know how spontaneous, adventurous and creative I can be. I’ve driven Route66 in a convertible Mustang, toured Florida in a Dodge Ram Hemi and drove to Switzerland to catch the snow one winter.   There’s a few things that I’m still do in my life and if there’s someone reading this that wants to help me achieve those goals, feel free to let me know 🙂 screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-15-58-27The Northern Lights are spectacular, and most people would like to see them. Yet again, it’s something very few of us get around to. With so much bad in the world, it’s important to remember amazing things like this. The Northern Lights can be seen from many places in the world, so it’s likely you won’t have to travel far. Make this the start point for your list. Search what month is best for Northern Lights on your computer and get going. If not now, then when? SAFARI IN AFRICA A little further afield, but well worth the journey. This would be a once in a lifetime family outing that’s for sure. Of course, a day at the zoo is always an option, but that’s not the same. Seeing those animals in the wild looks to be a completely different experience. This is a chance to get up close and personal with some amazing wildlife in a spectacular setting. It’s a good excuse for a holiday as well! There’s no denying this will cost a little more than a day out, though. Better get saving! Bungee Jumping Bucket ListWhat bucket list is complete without bungee jumping? This is a scary one, but it has to be on there. Of course, free falling on a rope isn’t for everybody. This is a necessity for the adrenaline junkies out there, though. A lot of people would probably like to do this if only they had the courage. In the spirit of fitting it all in before you die and living life to it’s fullest, go ahead and take the plunge. You don’t necessarily have to bungee jump, but you should still take a leap of faith. As they always say, life really is too short not to.]]>

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