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Win an Angry Birds Toons – Plush Toy (CLOSED)

abt103-1One of the most addictive games on my phone and I’m sure it’s spent a few hours on yours, Angry Birds are coming to Kix TV and look what they’ve given us as a prize! We’ve teamed up with KIX to give one lucky winner a chance to win an ANGRY BIRDS plush toy to help celebrate the UK premiere of this exciting new series. Catapulting onto our screens on Tuesday 1st November at 8am, the new series will bring to life the magical worlds of ANGRY BIRDS TOONS, Piggy Tales and Angry Birds Stella through a series of animated mini-episodes guaranteed to entertain. This competition closes on 4th November, so don’t waste any time and get entering. And please don’t forget to tune in to KIX on Tuesday 1st November at 8am! KIX’s line-up of action-packed entertainment includes Power Rangers, Slugterra, Lego: Legends of Chima and of course, ANGRY BIRDS TOONSKIX can be found on Sky 627, Freeview 127 and Freesat 604. a Rafflecopter giveaway For games, schedules, competitions and information on KIX, visit:www.kixtv.co.uk]]>


  1. Lynsey Buchanan Reply

    I am really into the transformers cartoon just now and Pokemon. My daughter watches the and I end up totally tuned in aswell.

  2. Stralisemiai Reply

    My favourite cartoon currently is the regular show XD
    Had quite a few popups on this site today, one of them wouldn’t close it just kept moving around the screen offering me the chance to win a date night.. its hinting that I need to get out more i think 😉

  3. Jo Carroll Reply

    My favourite ever cartoon was Hong Kong Phooey. I love all those similar type cartoons from that era like Top Cat…guess it’s just my sense of humour? 😉

  4. Sharon stanley Reply

    Family Guy. Not one can watch with the kids, but we love it all the same once they’re in bed. 🙂

  5. Preci0us Reply

    Hmmm this is a tough one. I think at different phases in my life I’ve had different favourites, but I think the long time fallback that I can always enjoy is the Simpsons. When I was younger it was probably Scooby Doo and at the moment I think Rick and Morty is fantastic (and really bizarre!!) but Simpsons would still be the old favourite. Good question.

  6. Mary Duncan Reply

    Hong Kong Phooey was my favourite when I was little, I thought he was the best. Now I love watching Hey Duggee with my toddler.

  7. Stacey Leigh Reply

    My favourite cartoon at the moment has to be Adventure Time 🙂 My son loves it and I actually don’t mind watching it lol so glad hes over watching Peppa Pig lol xx

  8. Lucy Zelazowski Reply

    There are so many awesome cartoons, danger mouse, sponge Bob Square Pants and Skylanders academy. Of Angry Birds are brilliant too.

  9. Holly Harmsworth Reply

    tom and jerry was my favourite as a kid and are still my favourite to watch with my children 🙂

  10. Tina Glover Reply

    My favourite cartoon is captain caveman from back in the day but now I’m showing my age 🙂 These days Id choose Dora the explorer as i have spent so long watching it with my daughter…. Love the fact its educational as well as fun

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